Relocation to any destination has its advantages and disadvantages, and expats will find that Kuwait is no different. The better prepared a person is for the less appealing aspects of life abroad, the easier it will be to adapt and integrate. Below are some of the biggest pros and cons of living in Kuwait.

Accommodation in Kuwait

+ PRO: Lots of options for accommodation

Thanks to a construction boom in Kuwait, many different apartments and villas are available for expats to choose from. Almost all of the apartment buildings have a 'haris' or manager on the premises who handles small, everyday tasks for a small fee, like taking out the trash and organising for cars to be washed.

- CON: Limited parking and amenities

Most buildings have limited parking spaces and amenities. Parking spaces are often not included in the blueprints of buildings, so tenants are left trying to find a spot to park far from their homes.

Lifestyle in Kuwait

+ PRO: Lots of things to do

The best time of the year to explore Kuwait is between October and April – the winter months. There are many museums to visit and events to attend. Failaka Island, known for its archaeological ruins, is great for a weekend getaway with the family.

+ PRO: Taking advantage of the sunshine

When summer comes to Kuwait, everything tends to slow down as people stay home more often. But for those who enjoy the beach, there are jet skis, beach resorts with pools, and fishing excursions that provide heaps of entertainment.

- CON: Extremely hot summers

Dry, hot summers with some humid days may keep expats from daring to venture out. Fortunately, every building is air-conditioned and there are a lot of indoor activities (such as malls and restaurants) to peruse.

- CON: Litter is common

Unfortunately, litter is a big problem in Kuwait, as many people happily throw things out of their windows instead of taking the time to find a bin. Residential areas don’t have enough large dustbins for the number of people living there, so garbage sometimes overflows into the streets.

Safety in Kuwait

+ PRO: Low crime rates

Kuwait has a low level of crime but everyone should be aware of their surroundings, and it's advised that women shouldn't walk alone.

- CON: Police are known to have bad attitudes

In the event of an accident, when a report has to be filed, expats may find that the police are in no rush to assist. There have been cases of police officers showing up to the scene of an accident late if it’s just a fender bender. Language is also an issue, as few police officers speak English.

Working and doing business in Kuwait

+ PRO: High salaries and no income tax

Kuwait has the highest-valued currency in the world which means more tax-free income to send home.

- CON: Expats must have a Kuwaiti partner

Expats wanting to do business in Kuwait must usually have a Kuwaiti partner or sponsor.

Culture shock in Kuwait

+ PRO: A variety of expat social organisations

There is a wide variety of expat clubs for women to join, such as the American Women’s League (AWL) and British Ladies Society (BLS), among others. These organisations have regular gatherings and are involved with schools and charity projects. Social media platforms are a good way to reach out to these expat groups.

+ PRO: Younger generation open to expat

The younger generation of Kuwaiti citizens is more open to meeting expats these days, which helps new arrivals who want to learn about Kuwaiti culture.

- CON: Segregation rules

Expats are often caught unawares by the gender segregation laws in the country. These laws make it difficult for expats to make friends or start dating, and integration into the local culture can be tricky. Approaching and talking to a stranger is frowned upon, especially for men talking to women.

Cost of living in Kuwait

+ PRO: Tax-free income

There is no personal income tax in Kuwait, even for expats living and working there.

- CON: High cost of basic goods 

Although there are no taxes, the majority of goods are imported, which means there are higher charges on basic necessities.

Education and schools in Kuwait

+ PRO: Many different types of international schools to choose from

There are many different private schools in Kuwait. From Indian and Pakistani to American and British schools, expats have a wide variety of choices when it comes to international schools.

+ PRO: Many options for college

There are several different colleges for students to choose from, which means expat children don't have to travel abroad for higher education.

- CON: Education is expensive

Western private schools are extremely expensive, and the education children receive may not always live up to the expected quality. Expats should try to negotiate an education allowance with their employers.

Healthcare in Kuwait

+ PRO: Many private hospitals to choose from

Kuwait has many private hospitals and more are being built. Medical insurance is also available for everyone but can be costly, but most expats have insurance provided by their companies.

- CON: Long waits at public hospitals

For those without insurance, the wait at government clinics and hospitals can be nightmarishly long, as Kuwaiti citizens tend to have priority over others. Don’t expect to spend less than two hours for any visit to a public hospital.

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