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Posted by ExpatJer
on 21 Jun 2018

Hi everyone,


I'm currently in the pre-hire process for a job over in Kuwait, & I have a major concern regarding getting my dog over there with me. Do any of you know where I can find up to date information regarding breed, size, age, etc restrictions? Or do any of you have information yourselves? Also, I've heard that in order to get my pup over there, I would need a Kuwaiti sponsor. Any truth to that? Thanks in advance.

Kyle de Villiers on 21 Jun 2018 - 08:05


Where are you moving from? It might affect what forms you need. 

Otherwise, I haven't read anything about needing to find a Kuwaiti sponsor. That seems odd to me. Also, some breeds, such as the much-maligned pitbull terrier are banned. 

From what I can see, this is what you need to either do/get:

1) Your pet microchipped

2) Vaccinate your pet

3) A completed import from Kuwait's agricultural authority 

4) A vet certificate clearing your pet of any health maladies 

If you don't want to do it alone, then there are a few services that specialise in helping you move your pet to Kuwait. Some of the procedures above have a specific time window in which they need to be completed. The better pet relocation services also list the requirements with more specifics on their websites, which is mega useful. 

Good luck with your pupper!



ExpatJer on 22 Jun 2018 - 00:55

Thank you for your response. I'll be moving from the U.S. I'll try getting the documents myself, but having a company that specializes in this sort of thing would be a comforting insurance measure.

Anthony D on 22 Jun 2018 - 18:49

Hi Jerry,

I went on the Internet today to check about moving with a dog to Kuwait, and stumbled across your posting from...yesterday!

I'm planning to move to Kuwait in July with a pet, and I'm thinking we should stay in touch and help each other out.  I will pursue this on my end, and you pursue it on your end, and then we compare notes / update each other so that we have the best info?

Why don't you send me an email with your contact details so we can communicate.  I have moved to six countries and I'm generally pretty familiar with this process, although not familiar with Kuwait specifics.  But I think I'll be able to help you as I work through this issue given my experience with other countries.

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