There are many private international schools in Dubai catering specifically to the large foreign community that calls the emirate home, and expats generally choose this option over the emirate's public schools.

For the most part, schools in Dubai adhere to high standards, but often have different approaches. Expats will need to consider what kind of learning environment will best benefit their child, and what their priorities are in selecting an institution. That said, many private schools in Dubai offer a brand of education that allows students to enter any university in the world.

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau publishes annual reviews of all private schools in Dubai, and reports published on its website are a good place to get objective information about schools.

International schools in Dubai

Many international schools in Dubai follow the British school system, including the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A-Levels, while others offer curricula from countries as diverse as the USA, France, Germany, India, Pakistan and Japan. The International Baccalaureate (IB), a globally recognised system of education, is also popular. Some international schools teach the UAE curriculum in addition to a foreign curriculum.

While international schools have more freedom in their curricula and language than local public schools, they are still required to adhere to certain local schooling regulations. Arabic as an additional language must be taught at all schools up to Grade 9, although students usually only have to achieve basic proficiency. 

Schools are also obliged to have Islamic Studies available as a subject. Attendance of Islamic Studies is compulsory for Muslim students, but optional for non-Muslim students.

School fees

Fees for international schools worldwide are notoriously high, and Dubai is no exception.

In addition to tuition, there are other costs to consider. Many schools charge annual building and/or technology fees on top of tuition fees. Extras such as textbooks, uniforms, school lunches, transport to and from school, and extracurricular activities may or may not be included in annual fees. In many cases, these are extra costs.

It's important to check whether a relocation package includes a school allowance; unfortunately, the days when this was a given are long gone. Also, most allowances won't be enough to cover a top school's tuition in full – so expats should ensure their salary can bear the extra cost. We recommend expats negotiate for a good school allowance, especially if considering a senior position in Dubai.

Admission to international schools

Good international schools in Dubai are flooded with applications each year, and primary schools, in particular, tend to be oversubscribed. Some of the best primary schools may be full for the next three or four years.

It's absolutely essential to apply as soon as possible, especially if one's child is between three and seven years old. Most schools will post admission requirements and application procedures on their websites. In many cases, it's possible to begin the application process from abroad. This should be the first priority for expat parents when planning the move to Dubai.

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Nurseries in Dubai

Dubai's nurseries offer a diverse range of early education options, catering to the needs of its multinational community. These nurseries provide various educational philosophies, including the British Early Years Foundation Stage and Montessori methods.

These institutions emphasise not only academic learning but also the social, emotional and physical growth of children, preparing them effectively for their future educational journeys. Parents can select from various programmes that suit their schedules, including part-time attendance, early drop-offs and optional afternoon sessions, ensuring flexibility for working families.

The quality of early childhood education in Dubai is renowned, with many nurseries boasting international accreditations and awards. With experienced educators and staff, these nurseries prioritise individual attention to each child, fostering a love for learning and independence.

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Special-needs education in Dubai

The Dubai government's dedication to inclusive education is evident in the comprehensive support and resources provided for children with special educational needs, known as students of determination. More and more public schools are now equipped to support such students. The ultimate goal is integration so that those with special educational needs can develop alongside their peers.

There are also numerous private institutions and centres in Dubai that offer specialised services for these children, ranging from tailored educational programmes to therapy and counselling services. These centres work closely with schools to ensure a cohesive approach towards education and development for students with special educational needs.

Some international schools have excellent special-needs education programmes, while others don't offer support in this regard. Parents with children with special needs should be sure to do their research before settling on a school.

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Tutors in Dubai

Private tutors are extremely popular in Dubai. For expat families, tutors can be particularly useful in helping children adjust to a new curriculum, learn a new language or maintain their mother tongue.

Although the tutoring industry was previously unregulated, the Knowledge and Human Development Centre (KHDA) has recently implemented strict quality guidelines and licensing requirements. Parents should therefore research prospective tutors carefully to ensure they are KHDA approved. These regulations ensure that all tutoring practices meet the standards for quality education. 

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  • Explore a wide range of tutors on MyPrivateTutor, offering various subjects and languages for expats in Dubai.
  • Connect with Arabic or English tutors in Dubai for private lessons through TUTOROO.
  • To find online tutors in Dubai and other UAE regions, visit Concept Tutors for support in various subjects.

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