Accommodation in Bengaluru

The capital of Karnataka state has become a major economic hub and international companies are increasingly establishing operations in the city. Consequently, there's a huge demand for commercial property and residential accommodation in Bengaluru, both within the city limits and on the outskirts.

Construction projects are constantly being undertaken to meet the increasing demand for real estate in Bengaluru, but not all housing options will meet expats' standards.

Types of accommodation in Bengaluru

Housing in Bengaluru comes in the form of apartments, townhouses, bungalows and villas. Apartments usually come at a reasonable cost, but most expats choose to live in independent (freestanding) houses for the space and freedom they offer.

That said, independent houses like villas and bungalows often don't have amenities attached to them, so homeowners have to make their own arrangements for amenities such as security and a back-up electricity generator.

Many expats feel more secure living in gated communities or large apartment blocks. These mega-complexes provide convenient access to social activities with other families and residents and are usually less affected by the water and electricity issues that regularly trouble the city.

Residential property prices in Bengaluru vary widely. Most high-end apartments offer facilities such as clubhouses, swimming pools and tennis courts. Luxury bungalows and row houses are available for expats with an above-average budget, but these exclusive properties don't stay on the market for long due to the high demand. 

Housing in Bengaluru can be unfurnished, semi-furnished or fully furnished, so expats can leave many of their belongings at home if they want to.

Finding accommodation in Bengaluru

It's often the case that companies in Bengaluru purchase suburban villas or high-rise apartment blocks and hold them for employees, so expats may not even need to look for accommodation when relocating.

For those who do, housing agents can provide a listing of available rental properties in the city. House-hunting can be exhausting, daunting and time-consuming, so it's a good idea to consult a reputable real estate company.

Renting accommodation in Bengaluru

Lease agreements in India can be tricky. To side-step tax, landlords often prefer to rent to people informally, with no official lease in place. Expats should never accept such an agreement, as they'd have no proof of residence, which is needed for various administrative processes.

Expats will either be offered a lease agreement of at least 12 months that is covered by rent control laws, or a lease and license agreement of up to 11 months. Lease and license agreements aren't covered by rent control laws, so landlords tend to prefer them. Security deposits in Bengaluru can be as high as six to ten months' worth of rent.

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