Shipping and Removals in Bengaluru

The poor infrastructure in the city affects even shipping and removals in Bengaluru, although there are still some options available.

There are very few direct flights from international cities. With the obvious exception of air freight, shipping routes include shipping to an Indian port and then overland to Bengaluru. This can be time-consuming and more expensive for expats moving to Bengaluru.

Shipping household goods to Bengaluru

Due to the limited amount of household goods that can be brought into India duty-free, expats should carefully evaluate what they choose to bring overseas. There are many options for furnished accommodation in the city, so buying the odds and ends and electronics that can't be brought with can often be more cost effective. For smaller items, air freight is a faster means of shipping to Bengaluru although it is more expensive than sea route shipping.

Shipping pets to Bengaluru

Pets can be shipped to Bengaluru as long as their health checks and vaccinations are recent and in order. Regulations must be followed carefully, however, and the process may be best left to a pet relocation company to avoid any hassles with customs.

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