Education and Schools in Bengaluru

Expat children can attend numerous schools in Bengaluru, but, as is usually the case, finding the right fit depends on the family's priorities and preferences.

Location can also affect which school expat parents choose for their children. It's important to find one close to home or work because congestion often makes commute times across Bengaluru painfully long.

Public schools in Bengaluru

There are a few quality public schools in Bengaluru, but many don't have basic facilities like computer labs or sports fields.

As a result, expats usually send their children to private or international schools, which generally uphold higher standards but are more expensive.

Private schools in Bengaluru

Residents of Bengaluru value education and those that can afford to are often willing to invest large sums of money to send their children to a private school.

These schools are generally better equipped in terms of facilities and teaching capabilities. However, the pressure for students to perform academically is high and many students, especially those who have been previously educated in the West, don't adapt very well to local learning methods.

On the other hand, for families in India for the long haul, private schools can be a good way for an expat child to experience and become integrated into the local culture. 

International schools in Bengaluru

The major benefit of sending an expat child to an international school in Bengaluru is that this enables them to continue studying a curriculum they were used to from their home country.

These schools tend to be less academically pressured than Indian private schools and enable children to pursue their skills in other areas such as art, music and sport. 

The standard of teaching is generally excellent and class sizes are small. However, places are often limited and waiting listing can be long, especially at the more popular schools, so it's best to start applications as early as possible. While admission requirements do vary, tests and interviews are common. 

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