Lifestyle in Bengaluru

The capital of Karnataka is developing but expats can still lead a comfortable lifestyle in Bengaluru even by Western standards.

Known as the Garden City for its leafy avenues and quiet suburbs, Bengaluru was the first city in Asia to be lit by streetlamp and has since continued to spearhead India's technological boom.

The ensuing influx of Westerners and a rise in wealth have contributed to an open-minded city culture, and its sprawling layout makes for a calmer environment than other Indian metropolises.

Though it isn't a tourist hotspot, there are still great shopping opportunities, an excellent range of restaurants, and an active bar scene.

Nightlife in Bengaluru

While Bengaluru nightlife may not be comparable to that of Mumbai, expats will find that there is a fair amount to keep one entertained after the sun goes down. The city has numerous entertainment venues, including open-air lounges, sports pubs and chic rooftop bars on some of its tallest structures.

Eating out in Bengaluru

Like most big cities, Bengaluru has a lot to offer in terms of dining options. Whether expats are on the lookout for authentic local street food, a fine dining experience or something in between, one is sure to find it in Bengaluru. Thanks to the city's large expat population and exposure to international cultures, residents will find that there are a wide variety of different cuisines on offer.

As the population of people with a high disposable income grows in Bengaluru, the city has also seen the rise of more and more innovative experimental restaurants. 

Shopping in Bengaluru

Shopping enthusiasts in Bengaluru won’t be disappointed. The city has something for everyone, regardless of their budget or preferences – from narrow market lanes to swanky shopping malls.

Commercial Street is one of the most popular shopping spots, stocking a wide range of clothing, textiles, footwear, jewellery and sports equipment. Mahatma Gandhi Road offers a more authentic Indian shopping experience, where expats can find good deals on silk saris, antiques and local handicrafts.  

Expats with children will enjoy shopping centres like Garuda Mall and Phoenix Marketcity which are full of entertainment facilities for the little ones as well as plenty of shopping opportunities.

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