See and Do in Bengaluru

Also known as the Garden City, there is plenty to see and do between the lush gardens and leafy avenues found all over Bengaluru. The Karnataka region's capital is also a springboard for exploring the surrounding villages and countryside.

Recommended attractions in Bengaluru

Bull Temple

The Bull Temple, perched on Bugle Hill, famously houses a 16th-century black granite statue of a bull known as Nandi. According to legend, the area was once plagued by a bull that threatened to wipe out the area's agriculture. It's said that a local farmer bravely hit the bull with a heavy club, turning it to stone and thus freeing the town. The people organised a groundnut festival to celebrate – one that still takes place today.

Cubbon Park

This central park provides a place of relaxation for early morning walkers and residents who want to escape the city bustle. Not only does it provide an attractive respite for the civil servants who work in the surrounding administrative buildings, it's also the platform for many of the city’s cultural institutions.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

This splendid botanical garden has expanded from a Mughal-style private garden to showcase close to 2,000 species of flora. The gardens also boast a beautiful glasshouse which plays host to Bengaluru’s famous biannual flower shows. 


This is a historic neighbourhood, renowned for its numerous temples, narrow lanes and massive lake. The fish market is sure to be a highlight for fans of seafood.


One of India's leading amusement parks, Wonderla provides a fun-filled day out for the whole family. There's something for everyone here, with an assortment of land, water, thrill and children's rides on offer.

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