Moving to Japan

Expats moving to Japan with an open mind will find themselves immersed in the wonderful idiosyncrasies of Japanese culture, coupled with abundant opportunities for adventure and degrees of acculturation.

Working in Japan can be especially lucrative for expats, and many will find that despite the country’s reputation as one of the most expensive destinations in the world, competitive markets have made for beneficial deals and negotiable costs of living as of late.

Japan is an island nation that prides itself on its innovation, strong economy and rich heritage. Expats often comment on the friction between the country’s strong traditionalist roots and its worship of modern technology and forward-thinking ideals. Expats will be exposed to strange contradictory sights side-by-side, like a temple next to a pachinko (slot machine) alongside a gambling parlour, and an anime figurine shop. The contrasts serve to highlight the precarious balance found in Japan between upholding tradition while embracing modernity. 

Like most major global cities, life in Tokyo is fast-paced and full of interesting and unusual experiences. In the countryside and in smaller cities, expats will be more likely to taste the traditional Japan of old, commonly associated with tea ceremonies, tatami mats and rice paddies. While Kyoto feels more tranquil and laidback, Osaka boasts a bustling nightlife and is a popular destination for live international performers.

Great pride is taken in Japanese regional variations and specialities, making for a strangely differentiated experience at times. The country has an extremely well-developed infrastructure, with very efficient public transport systems, postal services, communications technology and road networks.

Expats moving to Japan will be relieved to learn that it is an extremely safe country with very little crime. New arrivals will find themselves immersed in a country that celebrates all things cultural, palatable, technological and fashionable, making Japan a rich and rewarding destination of choice. 

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