Moving to Adelaide

Newly arrived expats to Adelaide will find a city that has negotiated a moderate midpoint between its colonial roots and its progressive nature. Adelaide has historically held a stigma as being a removed outpost in Southern Australia. However, while it can be somewhat behind in terms of the style and the energy that define the bigger commercial centres, its sense of space and its uncluttered urban geography make for a refreshing and wholesome way of life that expats tend to enjoy.

Expats often find that Adelaide is the perfect antidote for the stress that plagues city dwellers, and a place that claims a prominent history, large parklands, wide streets, old buildings and pleasant suburban housing that add nostalgic elements to its natural beauty. 

Furthermore, Adelaide has billions of dollars of projects in the pipeline, many of them in the mining and defence industries. Thus, expats looking for work in the city would do well to approach firms related to these sectors, as well as those in the healthcare, retail and social assistance sectors – disciplines that employ the largest workforce in the city. 

Wages in Adelaide are generally less than those in the other areas of Australia, but this is balanced out by an overall lower cost of living. The city has some of the most affordable housing prices of any of the mainland Australian capitals. Furthermore, the government is eager to attract foreign talent to jobs that are abandoned by Australians migrating to the likes of Sydney or Melbourne, and incentives are more common than in other destinations. 

Adelaide expat life is further enhanced by pleasant warm weather, very little traffic and accessible public transportation. Contrary to the idea of an old city, the nightlife and entertainment in Adelaide remain edgy and hip. In fact, Adelaide is one of the few cities in the world that goes out of its way to draw foreigners to a destination with such a high quality of life.

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