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Posted by swetajam
on 2 Mar 2017

As per work requirements, I will be moving to Adelaide soon and my office would be at Lockleys SA 5032.

My 4.5 year old daughter would be accompanying me as well. I need your guidance on following things:
Preschool questions:

1. Considering her age group would she be eligible for pre-school?
2. I will be working 5 days a week, so can I get a combination of Pre-school+ Day care?
3. What will be the fee structure? Would this be free in government school?
4. If no, Will I be eligible for child rebate? (I will be coming on 457 work visa)
5.If I am eligible, do we pay first and then claim the rebate? Or if we are eligible then we just have to pay the nominal amount?
6.Is there be an initial deposit for schools?

Accommodation questions:
1. I have stayed in Sydney in shared accommodation which was a furnished flat. What kind of arrangement can be made around Lockleys?
2. Is there an Indian community in Adelaide where more Indians prefer to settle?
3. Where can I start on my accommodation hunt?

Sorry, too many questions :)

Hope you can help me out with these queries.

Thanks in advance.

Meagan on 3 Mar 2017 - 08:02
Hi Sweta,

If you are a permanent resident in Australia, then government school will be free of charge. As far as I understand it, she would be eligible for pre-school in the year she turns five, but it would be best to check with a pre-school in Adelaide directly. You might find our page on Education and Schools in Adelaide useful for a general summary of the area's education. As for daycare, I imagine the availability of that service would vary from school to school.

In terms of accommodation, there's a wide variety of options available in Adelaide (see Accommodation in Adelaide for an overview - this page also has tips on how to look for accommodation). From what I've been able to gather through online research, it looks like these areas may have a significant Indian population: Kilburn, Blair Athol, Enfield, Plympton, Park Holme, and Karralta Park. You can also see our page on Areas and Suburbs in Adelaide.

Hope this helps. Good luck with the move!

Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Mar 2017 - 08:51
Thanks a lot for your reply Meagan. This should certainly help! I am coming over on 457 visa which means 'Temporary Work (Skilled) visa' with a validity of 4 years. So I guess I won't be considered permanent resident. If my daughter won't be eligible for pre-school till she is five, then she would have to go in a day care. Do we have any rebates on child care as well? Thanks, Sweta
Meagan on 3 Mar 2017 - 12:19
Hi Sweta,

From what I can find out online, it looks like you would have to be a resident for that, too, unless you are exempted from this requirement. I don't know what they mean by exemption or how that would be granted. I think you'd need to get in touch with the Department of Human Services - there's an informative page on their website if you click here. Their FAQs page may also be useful.


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