Getting Around in Adelaide

While public transport in Adelaide is available, services are not as extensive or regular as one would find in Australia’s larger cities. For this reason, while many commuters are happy to use public transport close to the city centre, they find it useful to have their own car as well, especially when living out in the suburbs.

Public transport in Adelaide

An integrated train, tram and bus network make getting around in Adelaide fairly easy. The cost of public transport in Adelaide is reasonable, especially in comparison to other cities in Australia.


Adelaide has a comprehensive bus system; however, commuters often complain that the buses are slow or late. 

One of the city's most popular bus systems is the O-Bahn Busway, a guided busway around the city. In addition to this, there is a free City Connector bus service that services the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide.


The Adelaide tram network was once extensive but has now been significantly reduced. Although the tram network is limited, it does serve as a great option for those wanting to avoid traffic congestion in the city centre.


Adelaide Metro’s train system consists of only a handful of lines, including interstate lines to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Darwin. Though the trains and tracks are not the newest, they generally run on time.


There are a number of taxi companies in Adelaide. Taxis can be hailed on the street or pre-booked by phone. Rates vary from company to company. Charges increase at night and on weekends.

Driving in Adelaide

Although it is possible to walk or use public transport close to Adelaide’s city centre, due to the fact that the Adelaide Metro System is somewhat limited and service outside the city is infrequent, many expats find it useful to buy a car. This is often the most practical way to get around Adelaide, especially if living in the suburbs.

Expats can drive on a licence from their home country for a period of 90 days after their arrival in Australia. After this, a South Australian driver's licence must be obtained in order to continue driving legally in Adelaide.

Cycling in Adelaide

The residents of Adelaide love to cycle, although they tend to do so more for fun rather than function. Similarly, while the city has some great recreational cycle routes, cycle routes for commuters are limited. There are a few disjointed cycle lanes around the city but the options aren’t always safe.

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