New Zealand is an English-speaking country with reliable media, both local and international mobile phone providers and an efficient postal service. Expats therefore shouldn’t have any problems keeping in touch in New Zealand. The internet in New Zealand, although generally accessible, is slower and more expensive than it is in many parts of Europe or the USA, particularly in rural areas of New Zealand.

Internet in New Zealand

There are a number of options when it comes to using the internet in New Zealand. These include having an ADSL or fibre line installed, or using prepaid 3G or 4G broadband. 

Spark New Zealand, the main telephone company in New Zealand, owns much of the communications infrastructure in the country. It, along with its subsidiaries, is the largest internet service provider in the country. Many expats report that their internet isn’t nearly as fast as it was back home but, in theory, New Zealand is capable of reaching globally competitive internet speeds. Much depends on the connection and line quality. In rural areas, internet lines tend to be extremely slow. 

Some areas of the larger cities in New Zealand, such as the city centre in Wellington, offer free Wi-Fi for those with laptops and handheld devices. There is also free Wi-Fi in most airports and many cafés and restaurants. 

Mobile telephones in New Zealand

Mobile phone contracts and services in New Zealand are provided by the likes of Spark New Zealand, as well as Vodafone and 2degrees, among others. 

SIM cards are freely available in airports and large supermarkets. Expats can apply for phone contracts as long as they legally reside in the country. Applicants need to provide two forms of identification (such as a passport and driver’s licence) as well as proof of address to sign up for a mobile phone contract in New Zealand. There are also a number of affordable prepaid options.

Landline telephones in New Zealand

Some telecommunications providers, such as Spark New Zealand or Vodafone, may offer free landline calls to customers who sign up for an ADSL package. Otherwise, a landline can be expensive, as customers must pay monthly line rental fees in addition to per minute call rates. Some packages allow customers to make unlimited local and/or overseas calls for a flat monthly fee. 

Postal services in New Zealand

The New Zealand postal service is known for being very reliable and user-friendly. 

Overseas post is charged by weight. As New Zealand is quite far from the US and Europe, expats should be aware that shipping heavy items can be very expensive. 

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