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  • Saudi Arabia
    Hallo all, i am certain RAK Bank made a case against me in the UAE. I want to work in Saudi Arabia will it be a problem as Saudi is part of the GCC...
    2 | 27 weeks 5 days
  • Denmark
    Hi! I've been offered a job in Copenhagen with a salary of 30 000 DKK gross (approx. 19 000 DKK net). It's notably less than I asked for and...
    3 | 35 weeks 12 hours
  • Ireland
    Hi, Need advice. I have received a job offer in Dublin, Ireland. The employers are offering me 80k eur, but the role is on a 12 months contract. I...
    1 | 35 weeks 14 hours
  • Oman
    I was over in Oman for two months and the taxi drivers were so bad I could hardly get anywhere, I recently read in the news they will be metered and...
    1 | 35 weeks 15 hours
  • Munich
    I'm travelling to Munich for 6 weeks and have a 5 & 1 year old. Does anyone have any hints on where to look for accomodation? I need...
    1 | 35 weeks 15 hours
  • South Korea
    What kind of visa will I need to enter Korea and work, even if its menial job? Or can someone help me with the visa process ? I will pay all charges...
    2 | 34 weeks 4 days
  • Australia
    Dear folks I am in a situation where I need advice of experienced people here. I was awarded skilled migrant PR visa subclass 175 back in Dec 2013. I...
    Zero | 35 weeks 3 days
  • Argentina
    Hi, I just saw an article on education in Argentina and it stated that homeschooling was NOT an option! I'm a bit confused since I came across...
    3 | 30 weeks 1 day
  • Montreal
    Can someone tell me if there are salary controls (on pay rises for example) on expats working in the private sector in Montreal?
    Zero | 35 weeks 4 days
  • Riyadh
    Hi, Can anyone tell me the cost of a working permit/visa for Saudi Arabia? Is there any documentation on the internet or does anyone have anything...
    1 | 35 weeks 4 days
  • Johannesburg
    Hi, I will be moving to Johannesburg in November 2016. I am currently staying in Tel Aviv , Israel, and planning to post (by sea) our personal...
    1 | 35 weeks 4 days
  • Shanghai
    Do you know local/ public elementary school around Yangpu or Hongkou which can accept foreigner student? pls provide school name & contact...
    1 | 35 weeks 4 days
  • Portugal
    My husband and I are both UK passport holders residing in the U.S. with a green card. We want to retire to Portugal in May 2018. How do we apply for...
    6 | 23 weeks 3 days
  • Spain
    Hi, My husband and I are seriously considering moving to Spain to retire and to that end are becoming increasingly fluent in the language. We have...
    2 | 30 weeks 5 days
  • Lagos
    I am having job offer for Lagosindustries.Is it safe to move to Lagos?
    2 | 22 weeks 4 days
  • Fiji
    Best place to buy a car in good condition, for a reasonable price in Fiji? 5/7 seater
    1 | 30 weeks 14 hours
  • Fiji
    I would like to know if ex pats from Australia can access public hospitals or a pirvate doctor at his rooms when necessary, and if so what are the...
    2 | 30 weeks 14 hours
  • Fiji
    Hi I am from UK and might be moving to Fiji shortly and would like to know if it is possible for my wife to work ? She has worked as a teachers...
    4 | 21 weeks 16 hours
  • South Korea
    Hi I am a fresh graduate of computer science with some professional certificates in Telecommunication engineering. I have a relative in South Korea...
    Zero | 36 weeks 3 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hello all, I arrive in Abu Dhabi late September for a new job and I am hoping from the research done so far that Al Reem Island will become my new...
    1 | 35 weeks 5 days

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