Accommodation in San Diego

The city’s diverse landscape means that there are a variety of options for expats on the hunt for accommodation in San Diego. Prospective tenants and buyers have a wide variety of housing options from affordable apartments and single-family homes in the suburbs, to luxury oceanfront estates.

Many of the expats who move to the city rent accommodation first, and get to know their environment and the market before making a commitment to buy. If they don’t intend on staying for the long-term, expats in San Diego generally prefer to rent.

Types of accommodation in San Diego

Having formed through waves of changing architectural trends, San Diego is a diverse city with a variety of accommodation. Choices range from apartments and high-rise condominiums in pedestrian-friendly urban districts, to Spanish-styled homes and stately mansions in picturesque neighbourhoods.

Finding accommodation in San Diego

The internet is a valuable resource for expats on the hunt for a new home, providing them with access to a wide variety of rental websites and online classifieds. Property sections in print media are another good resource. Seeing a property in person is the best way for house hunters to make a considered decision and opportunities can arise from exploring and responding to a neighbourhood's for sale and rental signs.

A real estate agent is also a good choice, as these specialists have intimate knowledge of the various neighbourhoods in the city and may have access to property listings before they are advertised publicly.

Renting accommodation in San Diego

Once a prospective tenant has found a property they like, they submit a lease application. Expats wanting to rent property in the city often have to provide one month’s rent upfront, in addition to two or three months’ rent as a security deposit.

Most leases are signed on a six-month or one-year basis. Utilities such as water, electricity and gas may or may not be included as part of the rental price – expats should enquire about this before signing the lease.

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