There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Larry is an American expat living in Taiwan. He has lived in Taiwan for 10 years now. He loves the people, culture, food and weather, as well as the convenient lifestyle. Larry also enjoys the fact that Taiwan is a free, democratic destination with a high standard of living, great healthcare and a… Read more
Nick first moved to Taipei, Taiwan, in 2011 after backpacking around the world for a few years. He planned to stay for a year but ended up staying for 11. In that time, he married a local, had two kids, published a book, and transitioned his career from teaching to freelance writing to full-time… Read more
Melanie Koegelenberg is an expat from South Africa. After completing her university degree, she decided to take a chance and moved to Taiwan. She has now been living in Taiwan since 2016 and works as an ESL teacher. She enjoys the convenience of living in Taiwan and doesn't see herself leaving any… Read more
Ter Wille is a South African artist and teacher currently living in Taichung, Taiwan. After living in South Korea for two years, he decided to move on to Taiwan for a new adventure. To follow Tertius' experiences in Taichung, follow him on Instagram. Read more about expat life in Taiwan in our… Read more
Teaching English as a second language is still one of the most popular sources of income for expats living in Taiwan. Knowing the English language is becoming a necessity for Taiwanese people, children are required to learn it as a second language at school, and for many companies with a view… Read more
Christel is a Filipina expat who moved to Taiwan in January 2012. Although she misses her family and friends (and especially her mom's and grandmother's cooking), and Filipino foods, Christel enjoys the convenience of life in Taipei, especially the fast and efficient public transport. Learn more… Read more
Jen and her fiancé, Andrew, spent a year teaching English in South Korea before heading off for a change of scenery teaching English in Taiwan. What with Taipei's excellent public transport and convenient weekend getaways, she's having a great time living in Taiwan. Read more about Taipei in the… Read more
Expats moving to Taiwan should expect some level of culture shock when it comes to the business culture in Taiwan, although in other areas of Taiwanese culture, the island looks to the West more than to its Asian neighbours. Taiwan does have its surprises – especially when it comes to business,… Read more
India, from California in the USA, travelled to Taiwan to teach English and stayed for two years while maintaining a blog about her experiences. Read India's advice about the best areas to live in Taipei, the cost of living in Taipei compared to LA and the standard of healthcare in Taiwan. Read… Read more
If you’re considering a move to Taiwan and, like me, you’re disabled, you may be interested in healthcare in Taiwan, from how it works to what kind of care to expect. I suffer from Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and while there is no treatment regimen for this form of MD it presents certain… Read more
Ryan and Neil are two expats who live and work in Taipei – between them, they have ten years of expat experience in the city. Ryan, originally from Toronto, is a freelance editor, writer and graphic designer who is expecting his first child soon, while Neil is a South African ESL teacher living in… Read more
Adrienne was born in Taiwan but raised in California. She moved with her family back to Taiwan four years ago and is now studying at the American International School. Her life is a lot like that of a typical American teenager – but with some exotic twists! Read more about Taipei in the Expat… Read more
Jenna, an American expat living in Taipei, openly confesses to drinking too much coffee and alcohol (often together); but if it means she continues to share the kind of insight she's afforded our expat audience in her interview – we say, 'Keep up the good work, Jenna!' In her spare time, which is… Read more
Catherine, a Taiwanese American living in Taipei, is still sussing out exactly where she fits in; but is nonetheless having an amazing experience doing so. She makes her bread and butter as a journalist for the Taipei Times but takes true pleasure in maintaining her blog about daily life, Shu Flies… Read more
Richard, a British expat living in Taipei, has moved to a slightly different beat since he relocated to Taiwan 18 years ago. Though he initially came to teach English, he now gives private piano lessons and spends time freelance writing and editing. You may recognise him as the author of 'Taipei… Read more

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