Relocation Companies in Australia

Expats moving to Australia will find the weight taken off their shoulders when they enlist the support of relocation specialists. The services of these firms are normally sought by companies to help expat employees in their move, but individuals can also stand to benefit greatly from their support.

Relocation businesses offer comprehensive assistance, including pre-departure orientation, neighbourhood orientation, home-finding services, lease negotiation and utility hook-ups. They can also arrange school selection, visits and registration assistance. So, whether someone is moving to Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or anywhere else around the country, relocation and mobility management services are available.

See our list of relocation companies in Australia.

Relocation companies in Australia

Local companies

Relocation Specialists

Relocation Specialists

Relocation Specialists are suppliers of quality, personalised relocation support for domestic and international moves. Founded in 2000 by experienced relocation industry professionals, this firm offers pre-arrival support, destination city information packs, education assistance, home searches as well as logistics management and networking opportunities – right up to pre-departure support if necessary.


Relocation Services Australia

Relocation Services Australia

Since 2006 RSA has been assisting expats to relocate to (and within) Australia. With a focus on affordable personal and corporate relocations, RSA ensures everyone can have a personal moving assistant when they relocate. RSA guides their clients from the very first step of their relocation to finally settling into their new home. Their relocation consultants located throughout Australia have local knowledge and insider know-how to make the transition easier.



Elite Woodhams Relocation

Elite Woodhams Relocation is Australia’s leading destination service provider and they are perfectly placed to support corporations and their mobile workforce, wherever they need to go. EWR with their experienced in-house visa team, local short-term accommodation gurus and professional consultants are the largest team of destination consultants in Australia.


International companies


K2 Corporate Mobility

K2 Corporate Mobility provides personalised relocation packages to support domestic and international transfers, both short-term and long-term. Operating globally with streamlined efficient and individualised services, K2 Corporate Mobility can manage the move to and from Australia.



NuCompass Mobility

NuCompass is an international firm with over 50 years of experience helping companies relocate. Expert-led services help organisations, employees and their families effectively manage their relocations to Australia. Through effective technological procedures and solutions, NuCompass provides specialised support throughout the moving process, tailored to individual needs.


Expat Health Insurance


Cigna Global

With 86 million customer relationships in over 200 countries, Cigna Global has unrivalled experience in dealing with varied and unique medical situations and delivering high standards of service wherever you live in the world.

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