When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories from other expats who are living there. Enjoy the interviews below and the insight they afford, and please contact us if you live or have lived in Singapore and would like to share your experience.

Moving to Singapore from India – Read interviews with Indian expats living in Singapore

Megha is a millennial twin mama who loves all things food, lifestyle and travel. She was born in England, later moved to the Middle Eastern cities of Riyadh and Manama, and eventually wound up in Mysore, India, where she spent the next 15 years of her life. Megha moved to Singapore in 2006 and has lived here ever since. Read about her experience living in Singapore.Megha

Moving to Singapore from South Africa – Read interviews with South African expats living in Singapore

Scott already had some expat experience having lived in the UK and Australia but, after travelling to Asia, he was eager to explore that side of the world more and moved to Singapore in early 2015. Scott loves the quality of life in Singapore, the diversity and how clean the environment is. Read more in our expat interview with Scott.Scott
Matt is a South African expat who moved to Singapore in May 2013. After putting up with London’s dreary weather for six and a half years, Matt decided it was time for a change and packed his bags to start a new adventure in the Little Red Dot. Read more about his expat life in Singapore.Matt - A South African expat living in Singapore

Moving to Singapore from Sweden – Read interviews with Swedish expats living in Singapore

Ellinore is a Swedish author who made the move to Singapore in 2016 after her boyfriend was offered a job there. Although she misses some Swedish home comforts, she finds Singapore an exciting place to live, with plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. Read more about her expat life in Singapore.

Moving to Singapore from the Philippines – Read interviews with Filipino expats living in Singapore

Originally from the Philippines, Honey moved to Singapore in 2012 to pursue a job opportunity. Now happily married with two children, she practises as a family physician while also running a blog about lifestyle in Singapore. Read more about her expat experience in Singapore.

Moving to Singapore from Australia – Read interviews with Australian expats living in Singapore

Jarrad Brown is an Australian expat living in Singapore. Originally from Perth, he moved to Singapore to gain international exposure and experience as an investment advisor. Despite having to contend with the humidity and missing family and friends back home, Jarrad is enjoying the superb quality of life in Singapore. Read more about his expat life in Singapore.Jarrad Brown - An Australian expat living in Singapore
Jasjit is an Australian expat living in Singapore with her husband and two children. She moved to Singapore as a result of her husband’s job. Although she misses the beautiful beaches of Sydney, Jasjit enjoys the quality of life in Singapore and the fact that there is always something to do, people to meet and great food to enjoy. Read more about her expat experiences in Singapore.JAsjit - An Australian expat living in Singapore

Moving to Singapore from the UK – Read interviews with British expats living in Singapore

Leo Reuter arrived in Singapore 24 years ago to build a career in the banking sector. Having previously lived in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Madrid, Leo is a seasoned expat who didn't have any trouble settling into life on the Little Red Dot. Read more about his experiences of expat life in Singapore.
Having previously lived in Shanghai, JH is a seasoned British expat now living in Singapore. Unlike most expats, she came to the city during the recession and not for a glamorous corporate role. Read her unique take on expat life in Singapore.Expat life in Singapore

Moving to Singapore from the US – Read interviews with American expats living in Singapore

Danielle Bray arrived in Singapore three years ago from her native New York after leaving a large insurance firm when her partner was transferred. She started her own business, Expat Insurance, to provide the kind of professional service she was used to in the US. Read about her experience of living in Singapore.

Moving to Singapore from the Netherlands – Read interviews with Dutch expats living in Singapore

Bryan Norman co-runs a letting and property agency in Singapore, where he has been living since 2005. He gets a kick out of facilitating property rentals and transactions for expats and helping new arrivals side step the complexities of the Singapore property scene. Read about his expat life in Singapore.

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