There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Now more than ever, technology is at the forefront of innovation in education. While it can be difficult for schools to stay on top of the latest developments, Singapore's Global Indian International School (GIIS) has cemented its place as an industry leader in utilising technology in a school… Read more
Originally from South Africa, Scott moved to Singapore in early 2015 after previous expat experience in the UK and Australia. Scott loves the great quality of life in Singapore, how diverse it is and how clean the environment is. In our interview, he talks to us about transport, excellent… Read more
When moving to a new country, children need time to adjust to a new culture and often a new language too. While adapting to new surroundings is important, most parents will naturally want to maintain some traditions of their home country. This is one way of teaching children to understand and… Read more
Singapore is a vibrant expat destination with people from all over the world living and working in this exciting city state. Here, the expat community is an international melting pot where you can find expats from nearly every country in the world. In a place like Singapore, the world comes… Read more
Expat families are embarking on an exciting adventure together, but in many cases, the children face unique challenges that adults should keep in mind throughout the transition period. From very young children who are leaving the only environment they have ever known, to older students who must say… Read more
Expat families moving to Singapore will have a plethora of international schools to choose from. For many, budget will be a major factor in making this decision. For ease of reference, we’ve put together some tips along with a list of international school fees in Singapore for 2019/2020 academic… Read more
Expat parents who are considering a move to Singapore are faced with a variety of options when it comes to their child's education. It can be overwhelming to sift through these options, particularly when you are not from the area and do not understand the structure of the educational system. Many… Read more
Families considering a move to Singapore are often excited about the prospect of living in this inclusive and innovative community that is known for being both safe and welcoming. Expat parents have a lot of decisions to make, with one of the most important choices being the school where they send… Read more
The opportunity to move abroad is something that many families find irresistible. It can be overwhelming for parents to consider all of the choices that they have in front of them, including where to live and which school to select for their child. However, the benefits almost always outweigh the… Read more
From huge modern malls to atmospheric side-street markets, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise, with all sorts of retail experiences to choose from.   Most of the Western stores in Singapore have prices that may be well above what one would find in the US or the UK. But that doesn’t mean good deals… Read more
Vibrant city life, exotic temples, and an abundance of family-oriented activities make Singapore an attractive destination for expats, particularly those with children. In a recent HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, 70 percent of respondents indicated that their children's quality of life is higher since… Read more
Whether this is a family's first international move or their fifth, children simply want to feel accepted and safe in their new surroundings. Parents generally feel that asking their teens to move abroad creates a more stressful situation than asking younger children. The truth is, younger children… Read more
It's all too easy to assume that education can only be either affordable or excellent. In practice, though, it's rarely that simple – in fact, a moderately priced school may even outperform expensive schools in international testing.   Compared to other international schools in Singapore, One World… Read more
Many of us hold the erroneous notion that education must either be affordable or excellent. Despite this widespread belief, very expensive schools can underperform, just as schools with reasonable rates can maintain the highest standards and receive the highest scores on international tests, all… Read more
Career-minded expats are spoilt for choice when it comes to seeking opportunities abroad. Although expat pay packages are not what they used to be, highly skilled expats still have some great cities to consider, many of these offering not only exciting career prospects and an opportunity to save… Read more
In early 2016, Swedish-born Ellinor Berninge moved to Singapore with her boyfriend, who had been offered an intriguing job opportunity there. Here she chats to Expat Arrivals about life in the Lion City as an author and accompanying spouse. Follow her adventures in Singapore on her blog, Pugsie… Read more
Honey is a woman of many talents – though she primarily works as a family physician, she is also a blogger and wedding singer. Having moved from the Philippines to Singapore in 2012, Honey shares her experience of the Lion City's lifestyle on her blog, Little Miss Honey. In this interview, she… Read more
After surveying nearly 27,000 expats worldwide, HSBC has revealed that Singapore has been ranked as the world's top expat destination for the second year in a row. Competition was fierce as runners-up New Zealand and Canada also boasted high scores, both missing the top spot by a mere fraction. … Read more
Regardless how long someone has been an expat, mobility issues are a major part of their life. Many expats can quickly estimate how many boxes will be needed to pack their belongings. They know the routine of good-byes and hellos. From personal experience, they know the grief that trails after them… Read more
Matt is a South African expat who moved to Singapore in May 2013. After putting up with London’s dreary weather for six and a half years, he decided it was time for a change and packed his bags to start a new adventure in the Little Red Dot. Despite missing his family back home, Matt is enjoying… Read more
Jarrad Brown is an Australian expat living in Singapore. Originally from Perth, he moved to Singapore to gain international exposure and experience as an investment advisor. Despite having to contend with the humidity and missing family and friends back home, Jarrad is enjoying the superb quality… Read more
Moving to Singapore can be an exciting adventure, and with so many new and interesting things to experience and places to explore, expats are in for a treat. Jasjit Baveja, an Australian expat living in Singapore, shares her insights and top ten tips to making the most of expat life in the “little… Read more
Jasjit is an Australian expat living in Singapore with her husband and two children. She moved to Singapore due to her husband’s job. Although she misses the beautiful beaches of Sydney, Jasjit enjoys the quality of life in Singapore and the fact that there is always something to do, people to meet… Read more
Singapore, a little Island off the tip of Malaysia, is a fairly new independent country, but has quickly grown to one of the world’s most prosperous; and expats from all over the globe have relocated to pinch their very own little piece of the pie in this terminally hot, rainforest climate. Though… Read more
Leo Reuter, originally from the UK, moved to Singapore 24 years ago to build a career in the banking sector. Having experienced life in Buenos Aires, Madrid and Barcelona he considers himself a seasoned expat.  For more information on expat life in Singapore visit the Expat Arrivals Singapore… Read more
Having previously lived in Shanghai, China, JH is a seasoned British expat now living in Singapore. Unlike many expats in Singapore, she came to the city during the recession and not for a glamorous corporate role. Here she shares her unique perspective of living and working in Singapore. Find… Read more
While Singapore’s culinary scene has certainly matured over the last few years, the addition of Michelin star restaurants and celebrity chefs hasn’t stamped out the stove fires that started the city-state’s rich food culture. Street stalls and hawker centres, a food-court type collection of street… Read more
Before moving to Singapore, I heard horror stories about the healthcare available. Understandably then, it was a big surprise to find wonderful and very capable doctors upon arrival. Not to mention, the process of finding a doctor of any type in Singapore is very easy, and most are highly-… Read more
*/ One of the most oft-heard gripes by expats in Singapore, especially amongst those who recently returned after a few years' stint elsewhere, is about how quickly the country appears to have become over-crowded. While it's certainly true that the sheer number of people has increased to… Read more

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