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5 must-have features at international schools in Singapore

Updated 22 May 2019

Families considering a move to Singapore are often excited about the prospect of living in this inclusive and innovative community that is known for being both safe and welcoming. Expat parents have a lot of decisions to make, with one of the most important choices being the school where they send their children.

Parents who are considering a Singapore international school should look for these must-have features.

Open-concept classrooms

International students have the benefit of interacting with children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Expat parents should seek out an international school that encourages discussion and teamwork, which is why open-concept classrooms are essential. Adaptable classrooms are able to transform easily to suit the needs of the lesson of the day. Modular furniture encourages both discussion and exploration, ultimately allowing students to cultivate their curiosity and grow to be a lifelong learner.

Innovative technology

Technology plays a primary role in daily life, so it's critical that expat parents find a school that provides students with access to the technological resources they need to prepare for life as a global citizen. From interactive LED screens that allow students to engage with the lesson that the teacher is presenting to tablets like iPads that help to customise the learning process for all types of students, technology is a necessary part of classroom life today.

Sporting facilities

Students should have access to both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities and other recreational areas on campus where they can discover their passions. Athletic fields, sporting areas and dance facilities give students an opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle while developing a competitive spirit.

Extensive library

Expat parents will want to select a school that has space for students to study, think and relax. An extensive library with a variety of traditional resources and technology tools can greatly improve student life for international children.

Outdoor learning opportunities

Parents should seek a school that knows that education extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Students learn best in a natural environment, where they can play and explore. Outdoor learning spaces, such as miniature forests or walking paths, allow students to get fresh air, stay active and learn in a way that comes naturally to them.

For expat parents, finding the right school is about more than just sending their children to a place where they can learn. It's about discovering a community that will welcome them, nurture them, prepare them and allow them to adapt to new situations. At One World International School, our modern curriculum makes it easy for students to enter their new school as well as transfer back to their country of origin.

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