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What does it mean to be internationally minded in Singapore?

Updated 16 Apr 2020

Singapore is a vibrant expat destination with people from all over the world living and working in this exciting city state. Here, the expat community is an international melting pot where you can find expats from nearly every country in the world. In a place like Singapore, the world comes together and it's imperative to be internationally minded.
People who are internationally minded see themselves as a part of a larger, global community. They know they are connected to the people around them in unique and inspiring ways, and they are aware of how people relate to one another.

Characteristics of internationally minded people

  • They show an appreciation for cultural differences
  • They are interested in learning about new cultures and traditions
  • They exhibit concern for people in their community
  • They are aware of their short- and long-term impact on the community they live in

As we know, the world is becoming increasingly globalised by the day. Professionals in nearly every industry and sector are required to conduct their business on an international level, which means that they have to be aware of the different cultural backgrounds and traditions of the people who surround them. 

The importance of bringing up internationally minded children

If children begin learning about international mindedness when young, they are more likely to become a globally conscious adult. Children who are introduced to different cultural perspectives and multilingualism from a young age have a tendency to be more accepting and tolerant of other cultures and backgrounds.

When children begin learning about different cultures and the importance of global responsibility during their formative years, they will inherently become adults who are internationally minded.

What international mindedness means for the students at One World International School

The students at One World International School (OWIS) in Singapore are exposed to the concept of international-mindedness on a variety of levels. To begin, the school's International Baccalaureate curriculum emphasises topics and intercultural understanding that are critical to developing international mindedness. Kindness, tolerance and acceptance are core values at OWIS that play an integral role in every aspect of student life.

In addition, OWIS students enjoy a classroom environment in which open discussion is encouraged. Students are able to talk about their ideas and ask questions of one another in a way that is productive and respectful. Through this inquiry-based approach that encourages open dialogue, students organically develop international mindedness.

In a multicultural environment like OWIS, where there are over 70 student nationalities represented, it’s not just conceivable but indeed quite likely that students have a groups of friends all hailing from a different country in the world. Growing up with peers from various cultures and backgrounds help students appreciate other viewpoints and be tolerant towards others.

How children can benefit from international mindedness?

The benefits of becoming internationally-minded throughout a child's formative years are endless. Here are a few that stand out. Children and young adults:

  • Become aware of the best ways to frame questions and come up with innovative solutions
  • Learn to value diversity
  • Develop multifaceted skills that can be put to use in a global economy

Expat parents who are relocating to Singapore are sure to have a lot on their plate when it comes to making arrangements for housing and transportation, as well as for schooling for their children. When searching for a school in Singapore, expat parents will find that an international school like OWIS is the ideal choice. At OWIS, students are in a multicultural environment and they enjoy a rigorous, inquiry-led curriculum that will prepare them for life in a global economy.

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