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Posted by USN-2000
on 19 Jun 2018

Recently, I spent a week in Shannon and basically spent the time driving around and exploring things. I’ve always wanted to make a home in Ireland, and this trip feels like it's just hammered home that I belong there. I’m currently looking at moving to the Co. Limerick / Co. Clare area. 
Here are my primary concerns.

1: I'm a 36-year-old US Navy Veteran with a 70% service-connected disability. I have severe leg issues, a panic disorder and PTSD. As a disabled veteran, I need to know what has to be done to transfer my medical files over before I move. At the same time, I need to find out how the Irish disability system works as far as finding a GP and if there's a process to finding disability-friendly rural housing, getting disabled car plates, etc.

2: I would prefer to live in a rural area. I don't mind having a city close by, for the range of shops and proximity to healthcare facilities, but I need to be in the countryside or a small town.  Are there any areas like this recommended for expats?

3: I'm transgender (female to male). The US climate isn't being friendly to minorities of any kind. I'm not in any personal danger, but at the moment, this country is scaring me. From all the various news feeds I've read, the Irish government (and most European ones) doesn't seem to interfere much.

4: In the USA I get non-taxable disability compensation every month, so I only have to file my taxes when I have work. I don't know how it is with the Irish side of things. Will I be taxed on an income source which is exempt from taxation in the US?

5: I am qualified for administrative positions and have experience working in office environments. But, due to my PTSD and panic disorder, I can't work more than part-time. What would my employment options in Ireland be? Do the Irish disabilities services help with stuff like that?

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