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Posted by Chris1225
on 28 Jul 2020

Good day, I am looking for information on a particular school in Basra, Iraq, and related safety matters. I have recently received a contract to work at a school in Basra, Iraq. I just need some information confirming that everything is legit so I know that I will be safe. So if you could confirm the information I currently have then they would put my mind at ease. I'm looking for the principal's name as well as the Human Resources name at the school in Basra. As a female, I would just prefer having my checks in order. 

Thank you,


Claire on 29 Jul 2020 - 07:43

Hi Chris, thanks for your question about your work contract for a school in Basra and safety issues about moving to Iraq, especially as a woman. While I cannot confirm someone's name as an employee for a particular company or school and these things are subject to change, have you checked the Basra school's online presence? You could check their website extensively, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts or news reports. You may find some reviews on the school as well as former employees to contact. I hope that someone on this Expat Arrivals forum familiar with Basra or Iraq can reach out to you. I would also suggest contacting the nearest Iraqi embassy to you, we have a list here: Embassy Contacts for Iraq.

Moving to a country with a reputation like Iraq, especially as a female, is likely daunting. But as you say, you want to confirm all your matters to put your mind at ease. Have you looked at visa-related matters for moving to Iraq yet?

Kind regards,


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