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Posted by jenniferjayco
on 9 Jun 2016
How can I obtain a police clearance certificate in Angola if I am already outside the country? I really need it ASAP for immigration purposes. Can anyone help, please?
Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Jul 2016 - 04:42
jenniferjayco.we have the same problem.please tell me if you have it.
Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Jul 2016 - 22:03
yes i already got one by the help of my friend but unfortunately a good friend is now in a work travel for 1 month...let me know if u still need by then
nethlarz on 29 Nov 2019 - 03:02

Hello. Can you please share on how you got a police clearance from angola?


Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Mar 2017 - 23:25
Hello, I'm so relieved to find this page. Could you please throw some light on the documents required, cost and time frame for getting the Angolan PCC? I really need it for immigration purposes. I did overstay my visa. Do you think that might be a problem? Thanks.
Meagan on 27 Mar 2017 - 09:49
Hi there,

In general, immigration authorities don't look too kindly on people that have overstayed their visa. I have no idea if this is something that would come up on a criminal record, but in my experience you may be asked on the visa application form if you have ever overstayed on a visa in any country.

How long did you overstay and for what reason?  If asked, it's best to be honest and forthcoming about why you overstayed. The length of time you overstayed may also have an impact on how likely an immigration official would be to overlook this.

With regards to the police clearance certificate, the internet seems to have a lot of conflicting information, so I think it is best to get in touch with your nearest Angolan embassy for clarity on this.

Best of luck.


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