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Posted by Trista
on 26 Jan 2016
Dear guys, I am planning to move to Vietnam and have some questions about long-term visa. Do I need a sponsor from Vietnamese company? Can I extend the visa after it expires. is it possible to get visa on arrival? Thanks your for help in advance.
AlexL on 3 Feb 2016
Hi Trista

Happy to help!
All the best with your move!

Kind regards,
Trista on 3 Feb 2016
Hi Alex. Thank you sooo much for your help. I greatly appreciate. :) If I understand correctly, I must have a work permit and convert business visa to temporary residential card within Vietnam. So lots of things to do. :) Thanks very much again! Have a nice day.
AlexL on 29 Jan 2016
Hi Trista,

After doing a bit of research, it seems that you do need to be working at a company in order to apply for a Temporary Residence Card (TRC), which is valid for 1-3 years.

The TRC replaces the business visa, so as far as I understand you will need to apply for a TRC within the country. You will need to have a valid work permit (which you can only get through an employer) in order to apply for a TRC. 

I would urge you to speak to the Vietman embassy in the United States, +1 202 861 0737 just to confirm.

Kind regards,
AlexL on 26 Jan 2016
Hi Trista

Have a look at our Visas for Vietnam page for information about your query. Where are you from?

To stay long-term, you will likely need a residence visa.

Kind regards,
Trista on 28 Jan 2016
Hi Alex! :) Thanks a lot for your reply. I am from America. Actually, I have searched some information on long-term visa but it's quite conflict that confuses me. So I am here to look for help from you guys. As what is said on, it's possible to get a long visa without sponsor at embassy AT THIS TIME and another page at said that the government is ABOUT TO grant long-term visa for American tourists (does it mean no sponsor required?). And on visa page, I understand that I can get a long visa only when I have a job and sponsor. So what's the correct information? The visa procedure is so complicated. on 8 Jun 2016
HI All, Vietnam visa on arrival for one year is possible to apply at . It is cheap and trusted visa service.

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