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on 21 Aug 2017
We'll move to Ireland in middle September. We'd be very grateful if anyone can give us some advice for good public primary schools in Dublin for the children and where in Dublin is the best place for the family to live. Many thanks in advance!
EmmaL on 22 Aug 2017
Hi Alice

Have a read of our page on education and schools in Dublin for some general information. 

Where are you from? If you think your child could easily adapt to a public school, read our page on primary schools. Keep in mind that many schools in Ireland are openly religious, and you'll want to find a school with the same values as yourself. There are many primary schools in Dublin, so you might want to have a look at this map of schools in Ireland to narrow down your selection and then select a few schools to research. The rest of the site is also quite useful. 

Good luck,

Carmel Jeffers on 24 Jul 2018

Hi Emma,

I was told you don't get to chose your Irish state schools, ( they also all looked really run down compared to London. Most no canteens ! Kids eating lunch in classrooms!  I kid you not! ).  I was informed a place is given by how close you live to the school. So how do I get to pick one after I rent a house?  This would be dynamite info.  Could you also put a list of private primary schools.  Apart from the amazing looking Headfort in the Meath suburb we have come up blank!


J4smin on 14 Jul 2019

Hi Alice I wondered how you found a primary school and if you have any tips you could share with me? Thanks Jasmin

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