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on 11 Mar 2016
I am curious about the criminal background check and if my record will prevent me from obtaining a work permit in Vietnam. In the guide on this site it states "Expats must not have a previous conviction for infringement of national security, must not be facing examination of penal liability and must not be serving a criminal penalty as prescribed by Vietnamese or foreign law." But on other sites it says a "clean" background check in needed. I have an assault charge for 7 years ago that resulted in $250 fine. Will this make it impossible for me to get a work permit? Advice would be greatly appreciated.
Anonymous (not verified) on 4 May 2016 - 05:16
So Katie, if I am reading that correctly I won't need one from the US if I have been in Vietnam for 6 months? I have been in Singapore for the last 3 years and have a clean background check from them. Is that useful in anyway?
Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Apr 2016 - 05:51
Hi Tim, As informed before, those who wish to work long term in Vietnam and wish to obtain a Vietnam work permit should pay attention to new decree of the Vietnamese Government defining employment and work permit conditions for foreign workers in Vietnam. It is the Decree No. 11/2016/ND-CP dated February 3, 2016 which will come into effect on this April 1, 2016. Following are key changes in the Work Permit Process as prescribed in the Decree: 1. Definition of a Foreign Expert revised as someone who has: – Recognition as an expert in writing by a foreign organization or – Bachelor’s degree (or higher) and at least three (03) years of work experience in their field 2. Definition of a Foreign Executive, Operation Director/Manager understood as: – Executive is the chief or deputy of the organization. – Operation Director/Manager is the department head and responsible for the department operation. 3. Definition of a Foreign Technician revised as someone who has: – Technical training or other specialized training at least one (01) year and at least three (03) years of work experience in their field. Foreigners qualify for Work Permit Exemptions under the following conditions: – Working in Vietnam for less than 30 days per visit and less than 90 days per year. – Studying at schools or training institutions abroad while interning in Vietnam. 4. Demand of Foreign Labor Report – No Demand of Foreign Labor Report is required for Foreigner working in Vietnam for less than 30 days per visit and less than 90 days per year. There is also no Demand of Foreign Labor Report for Studying at schools or training institutions abroad while interning in Vietnam. 5. Health and Criminal Background Checks – Health certificates will be accepted from both Vietnamese and offshore healthcare providers, and will be valid for 12 months instead of 6. – Criminal Background Checks will be accepted either from a foreign country or in Vietnam if the foreigner resided in Vietnam. 6. Simplify Application Documents for Foreigner who owns or used to have a Work Permit 7. Timelines – Statutory time for issuing a work permit is reduced from 10 days to 7. – Work permit renewal applications is accepted up to 45 days before the expiration of the existing permit, compared to the current 15 days. – Work permit De-registration: Work Employer is responsible to withdraw the invalid work permit and return to the DOLISA. The DOLISA acknowledges the work permit de-registration in writing. In case you wish to visiting Vietnam and searching for the job market in Vietnam to decide your life, you are not required to obtain a work permit, by a visa to Vietnam. There are two options for you to do so. Option 01: Go to Vietnam Embassy at your home town to get visa Option 02: Apply visa online via Best regards, Katie
huonghoangthu31 (not verified) on 26 Apr 2016 - 10:41
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