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Updated 30 Apr 2020

Expat Arrivals recommends Cigna Global for international expat health insurance.

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If you are moving abroad, you should take out the best health coverage possible to insure you and your family. Cigna is one of the most respected providers of international health insurance. Visit their website to review and their global medical insurance plans. Cigna offers comprehensive worldwide health insurance tailored to the needs of expatriates and global nomads. They also offer round-the-clock support for you and your family, emergency assistance and the most extensive network of doctors and health care facilities.

Cigna Global

With 86 million customer relationships in over 200 countries, Cigna Global has unrivalled experience in dealing with varied and unique medical situations and delivering high standards of service wherever you live in the world. 

  • Global network of trusted hospitals, clinics and doctors
  • 24/7 member care
  • Plan tailored to suit individual needs
  • Eligible for all nationalities and all ages
  • Worldwide coverage available
  • High-quality international plans for expats

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What is international health insurance?

Anyone moving or working abroad should consider buying good-quality International Health Insurance for themselves and their family. Most International Health Insurance providers cover treatment for emergency healthcare as well everyday medical requirements, such as routine check-ups, dental care, maternity care, hospital visits and out-patient treatment. International Health Insurance plans generally provide a better level of cover than domestic health insurance. For example, most policies will include repatriation and evacuation, where medical treatment is not available locally. The best insurance companies also offer on-the-ground support teams who can help you find your way round the local healthcare system and recommend English-speaking doctors and consultants in each country.

Top things to consider when buying global health insurance

How large is the insurers medical network?
You should choose an insurer who has a global network of medical providers that you can use without having to pay up-front. You are likely to get quick access to care when using a hospital or surgery that is part of the insurers global network of recommended providers. Well-respected insurers like Cigna give policy holders access to their global network of hospitals, clinics, doctors and consultants. 

Does your insurer offer 24/7 emergency support?
The best global health insurers offer a telephone support 24/7, in English. Not only will this offer peace of mind, it’s also essential for emergency situations. 

Will you need cover in more than one country
Many expats move from country to country, whether for work or leisure, and the best health insurance policies will cover you as you move around the world. Note, however, that you must notify your insurer if your country of residence changes.

It’s usually best to use a global health insurer, rather than a local provider. 
There are good local health insurers in many countries, but they cannot continue to insure you, and cover an ongoing illness, as you repatriate, or move from country to country. 

Will a pre-existing medical condition be covered?
It is very important to declare any pre-existing medical condition when you take out a policy, otherwise it won’t be covered and the policy may be void. Some insurer may decline to cover you or may exclude the condition, or ask for an additional premium.

Do you need emergency coverage, or a more comprehensive policy?
Some expats choose to self-insure their out-patient claims to save money on their policy, particularly in countries where these costs are minimal. This is not advised in developing countries, where your policy should cover medical evacuation. There are also some countries, such as the US, where out-patient costs can be very high. 

Are you moving to the US?
Expats moving to the United States will need to be able to get medical attention in the US. Including medical coverage for the US will increase your premiums, but it is considered essential by most expats. 

Expat Health Insurance

Cigna Health Insurance

Cigna Global

With 86 million customer relationships in over 200 countries, Cigna Global has unrivalled experience in dealing with varied and unique medical situations and delivering high standards of service wherever you live in the world.

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GeoBlue International Health Insurance


GeoBlue is one of the best international health insurance plans for US expats abroad or internationals residing in the USA. The GeoBlue Xplorer plan includes worldwide coverage and great customer service with access to a premium international network of hospitals and doctors including the Blue Cross Blue Shield network in the USA.

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