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Top remote job websites for expats in 2024

Updated 26 Feb 2024

The workplace as we know it has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. For many industries, remote work has become the new normal, a move which has major benefits for both employees and employers. The intensely work-centric mindset that once dominated career culture has made way for a more holistic view – one in which a good work-life balance is essential. 

All this is thanks to the newfound popularity of remote work. So how can you join the remote-work revolution?

Why remote work?

Working remotely has plenty of benefits, especially for expats and global nomads. While the range of location flexibility varies from job to job, many remote jobs allow employees to work from anywhere in the world. This gives expats a huge amount of freedom, allowing them to return to their home country for months at a time or take a working vacation to a city they are keen to explore.

Expats based in the US and Europe will generally have more choices available when it comes to remote job opportunities. These sorts of job postings may require that the employee remains within the country, at least for the majority of the year. This can still give expats freedom to roam – after all, the US is vast and varied. 

And while expats beyond the US and Europe may face a more difficult task in finding remote work, the opportunities are out there. Generally, the extra time and effort spent searching for a non-US or non-Europe remote job will pay off – often literally, as many remote jobs provide salaries in currencies such as the US dollar, the British pound or the Euro. These currencies often go further in foreign countries, thanks to favourable exchange rates and lower costs of living.

What kind of jobs are available remotely?

Remote jobs are abundant in the tech industry in particular. Positions are often available in areas such as software development, web design and programming.

Other industries also have remote opportunities on offer, including the likes of marketing, finance, sales, customer service, publishing, education and HR.

Recommended remote job boards for expats

It’s not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to job listing boards. Many require subscription fees, are difficult to navigate or are infrequently updated. Here at Expat Arrivals, we’ve done the hard work for you by picking out the cream of the crop. 

Here are our top recommendations for remote job boards for expats. Some have premium or registration-only options, but all are free to browse and contain jobs for locations all over the world.


Remotive features an active job board and posts regularly on LinkedIn. Job hunters can also sign up for Remotive’s daily newsletter, which includes the latest remote job listings. These services are free of charge.

For a fee, users can sign up for Remotive Accelerator, a premium option that unlocks additional job listings, activates advanced filtering features and email alerts, and allows access to an AI career coach and a private Remotive Slack community.



RemoteOK has an attractive, easy-to-use interface that makes website navigation a snap. Jobs have industry, location and salaries listed. 

Prospective job hunters can browse job listings on RemoteOK without needing to register. That said, once they begin the application process for any position, users will need to sign up to gain further access to job listings. In doing so, they can create a profile that includes their standard resume info, alongside job preferences such as desired salary and time-zone availability.


We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely has been in business for over a decade and is trusted by top employers, including the likes of Google, Amazon and GitHub. Users can browse the available job listings freely, and if they wish, they can sign up for a daily email with a round-up of the latest jobs in their industry.

Other resources on We Work Remotely include a learning portal packed with knowledge, a list of remote resources and some extra sources of info, including a blog, podcast and Slack channel.

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