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Posted by fletchlives
on 20 May 2020

Hi, I am engaged to an American woman I met online. I have visited her in the US over the last few years and now we are planning to get married and buy a house together in the US.

We will be using money from the sale of my UK home to buy outright in her area. I intend to travel over on a fiance visa and marry there before settling permanently.

My question is basically what advice can anyone give on buying a home in another country, any criteria I'd have to pass and being able to work whilst waiting for full citizenship, also do I need to retake a driving test in the US or is my UK license sufficient to be valid for more than just a tourist stay.

Thanks in advance.

Claire on 21 May 2020 - 08:05

Hello and congratulations!

Foreigners who are working in the US can buy property but the process may seem lengthy and require lots of supporting documents. Have a look at our guide to Accommodation in the USA for more info on buying property. The best advice is to find a real estate agent who can help ease the process and knows the ins and outs of the local area. Where in the US are you moving to? We have extensive guides of many cities in the US, and one may have more specific info for you.

For your driving licence, you are able to drive on your UK license till you become a resident. The process and rules vary between states though. You are unlikely to need an International Driving Permit as this only applies when licenses are in a language other than English. When you do become a resident though, visit the local DMV. You may have to take a test depending on the state you are in. For more specific info, read Transport and Driving in the USA.

I hope this helps.


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