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Posted by Julia M
on 13 Jun 2018


My husband and I would like to move from New Zealand to either Scotland or Ireland, with our two children. We have NZ passports, so one of us would need to secure a job offer with a work visa before we leave NZ. 

I think we fall under the Critical Skills list of occupations in both countries. My husband works in finance and I'm a media professional.

But how do we save time by going about approaching employers for job offers? Do we bother with recruitment agencies, or go to employers directly?

In short, what is the best and quickest way of convincing an employer on the other side of the world to hire us?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Daniela de Castro on 15 Jun 2018

Hi Julia

Securing a job before moving to a new country is always a good idea. Your best bet will probably be to check online job advertisements and sites like Linkedin. These will usually put you in direct contact with employers and recruiters and speed up the hiring process. Have a look at our guide to working in the UK for useful advice on how to navigate the job market once you get there.

- Daniela

tompitman on 15 Jun 2018

Hi Julia, I don't agree with everything Daniela says. You won't get a job before arriving here, although you can do a lot of preparatory work. I would look at some of the various job sites, and also contact recruitment companies in the place you would like to move to. If you are qualified and experienced you'll have no problem finding a job in the UK - there is full employment, and companies struggle to find enough good-quality candidates. Good luck.

rowie42 on 22 Jun 2018

Hi Julia

We've been living in London the last two years, we moved with my husbands work who is in finance (works in canary wharf so isn't much help for you). Oodles of jobs over here and I think kiwis are still regarded as good workers. Use agencies and approach companies directly. I also suggest online agencies but you've probably already done that.

 The biggest hurdle we found was just getting things rolling. If possible organise a bank account with pounds before you arrive. If not you get here and you can't open an account until you have a place to live, you can't find a place to live cos you don't have a job and you can't get a job cos you don't have a bank account, it was really frustrating. A contract for employment does help with that stuff. Lloyds bank was the only place that was happy to let us open an account without proof of address. Be aware also that just cos you pay the deposit for a flat it doesn't guarantee you'll get to move in. Two landlords fell through for us in the week we were to move in one was on the day of moving.

with kids I'd also look at the Ofsted reports of local schools. Kids are really pushed to achieve stuff academically over here but it can be at the expense of having time to not do much and run around.we had our kids here as younger ones a few years back. They missed NZ but now have fond memories of friends made here.

Have fun and good luck. It's a groovy place to hang for a bit with easy travel to EU for cheap week end breaks.  

Cheers Rowie

shegxy101 on 19 Dec 2018


please am so sorry for interrupting your conversation please am Oluwasegun by name from Nigeria i need an employment offer to migrate to newzealand and Uk to start a new life have been on it over 6 months now have send many messages to recruiters and so on please kindly be of help to me i dont mind any sort of job 

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