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on 14 Oct 2018

Hi. I would like to move to Israel right away--I feel like I'm meant to live there. I love the culture.  However, I don't have any job offers, or local employers offering to sponsor my way there. It's just me, wanting to move. I have a few questions about how to start working in Israel.


1) Is it possible to move to Israel, and then find a job?  Or must I have a job offer first?

I speak perfect English (I'm American) and a little bit of Hebrew because I've been studying it myself. My primary work experience is in childcare. I have 8 years experience in childcare (babysitting, daycare, nannying).  Would an Israeli or American expat family hire me as a nanny?

I have also worked as a nutritional health coach (no degree though, sadly, I did it out of personal experience), mould inspector and consultant, delivery driver, and personal assistant. Would any of those work?

I have no higher degrees other than American high school.


2) Would it be possible to move to Israel with an American employer?

I currently work as a personal assistant to an American real estate agent, and funny enough, we both discovered that it is our life dream to move to Israel!   (Not romantically involved, he is just a friend and a great boss). Neither of us is Jewish or Israeli though.

He is considering moving to Israel and would extend his job offer to me, and take me with him as a personal assistant. He does not currently have a job offer in Israel though.  He does have an American Bachelor's degree in Pre-med, chemistry, and also a bachelor's degree in General Studies. He wants to open a bookstore in Israel or start his own business.

Is it possible for both of us to move to Israel without any job offers, and start a business there? Are there any companies that specialize in hiring Americans and fitting them with Israeli companies for work Visas? 


3) Is it possible for Americans to start their own entrepreneurial business in Jerusalem?

I would also like to possibly start my own business.  Some possible business ideas: Health coaching, or, mould inspection and consulting.

Is it possible for Americans to do that in Israel?  If so, how? 

Thanks for your help,


Daniela de Castro on 15 Oct 2018 - 09:21

Hi Ann 

It is almost always preferable to find a job before making the move to a new country. Your greatest challenge will probably be getting a work permit for Israel, as these are generally only given to people who already have an employer to sponsor them. Have a look at our guide to getting a work permit for more insight on this.

If you have the necessary qualifications and experience, your chances of being hired as an au pair or nanny are fairly good. Our guide to working in Israel has some useful information on how to find a job in the country before arriving.

Starting a business in Israel could be difficult without having a significant amount of money to invest in the country. It would probably be best to contact a local relocation company directly to more get information on being an entrepreneur in Israel.

When are you planning to move?

- Daniela

starlightchasing on 22 Oct 2018 - 20:06

Hi Daniela,


I know that it would be more difficult, but my dream is to move to Jerusalem.  Or one of the suburbs around it.  Do you know of any good suburbs?


I forgot to mention:

Going to school (university or college) is also a possibility for me in Israel.  Would that be a good way to get a student visa?


Thank you for your insightful answers!

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