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Posted by joetraveler
on 15 Apr 2019

I will be moving to Fiji long-term for work. Does anyone know if there is "Apt/Home Renter's Insurance" (or similar) in Fiji? What if I rent a house and something is stolen or damaged... Is there any insurance offered in Fiji to cover that?

Daniela de Castro on 16 Apr 2019

Hi Joe

Hopefully a local expat expert will also be able to get back to you, but for now, our guide to Accommodation in Fiji might be a good starting point for your research. It might be a good idea to contact a few relocation experts for information as well.

Hope this helps!

- Daniela

Angalfaria on 21 May 2019

Renting property in Fiji

Expats don't need a residence visa to rent property in Fiji, but there is a limited stock of high-quality rental accommodation and suitable properties aren't always available. Most expats live and work in Nadi, Suva or the island's main resorts. They can be pricey, so expats should try negotiating for a housing allowance.

Home invasions do happen, which makes living in a good area and security features like high fences and alarm systems important. Many expats also employ guards, which creates the need for a guard house and toilet at the front gate.  

Properties also need to be cyclone-proof and have back-up generators for when the power goes out. The electricity supply is unreliable, even in Suva. Voltage variations, surges and blackouts are commonplace, especially during heavy rains.

Most expats employ a domestic helper to help around the house. Salaries for helpers are cheap by Western standards, and local helpers are known for being excellent with children. Domestic helpers either live in a bure outside their employer's house or travel to work.

Because of the climate and quality of workmanship, houses in Fiji need high levels of maintenance. Local tradesmen will probably be needed to fix household problems regularly.

Very beautiful accommodation. I must go to Fiji.


Angalfaria on 24 Apr 2019

It is excellent news for me that I want to move to Fiji. So I think I don't need in-depth research about this.

Angalfaria on 11 May 2019

The real estate broker or agent always stays on for the customer. They give all the data that what is the price of renting a room or villas in Fiji and what will be perfect for you of your accommodation?

Angalfaria on 11 May 2019

Fiji is one of the best places for tourists. Many people come in Fiji every year. So I think the real estate broker is very active there.


Angalfaria on 12 May 2019

Hi Joetraveler,


Fiji is a beautiful place forever. The Islands of Fiji always increase the beauty of Fiji. So that many people come and enjoy their life and love in Fiji. I feel depressed to know that your something was stolen or damage. I think there must be some insurance company in Fiji. If you aren't able to find out the insurance company, you must contact Fiji police so that you can get some exchanges of your things.

Angalfaria on 14 May 2019

In every year many tourists lost something when they are visiting beautiful places. Not only in Fiji also in many places whole over the world thieves steal their goods, or they lost it anyhow. So if the locale people of those areas are aware and conscious so don't happen something wrong.

Angalfaria on 15 May 2019

How a renter's insurance company help the renters? Renter's insurance gives all damages to the renter's. 

Angalfaria on 17 May 2019

In your Accommodation in Fiji, I see that there needs a visa for renting something. I ask you what kind of accommodation property can I find in Fiji? I need a suitable property to stay there.

Angalfaria on 19 May 2019

In Fiji, there has any residential and commercial market place? I need an apartment for my residential and commercial market place in Fiji.

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