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Posted by Barbara Duncan
on 13 May 2020

My sister (67 years old) and I (62 years old) are planning to move to France, are we crazy? We will have an income of about USD 2400.00 a month. We want to buy a house with the money from the sale of my house, so we won't have to pay rent. Can we make it on that amount after the exchange?

Anonymous (not verified) on 14 May 2020 - 07:38

Hi Barbara, 

That's fantastic, fulfil a dream! I wish you two all the best with your move. Whether USD 2400 a month will be enough to live on depends entirely on how you choose to live, what products you prefer to buy and of course, where in France you choose to live. Where are you thinking of moving to? Your expenses are going to be much greater in Paris and other big cities than in the rest of the country, and to give you an idea of this, have a look at our Cost of Living in France page. If you manage your finances and don't need to pay rent, then I'd say that you can get by with that income. Rent generally takes up most of people's salaries, so it's a good idea to invest and buy a house. If you want more info on that, have a read of Buying Property in France. Have you looked at other aspects of the move, like visas etc.?

All the best,


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