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on 19 May 2020

Hi, when travel is possible again (whenever that maybe because of coronavirus), I’d love to plan a trip to South America. I have travelled solo across Europe before but for a short period of time and I’m not sure how it will compare to South America. I would really love to go to Argentina, Chile and Brazil, but I have a lot to think about. I’d like to stay there for at least a year, travelling and working, and improving my language skills. Does anyone have any tips or any suggestions of companies I can go to for advice and help on the move?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Jun 2020 - 10:27


That sounds like a fantastic opportunity! Depending on where you're travelling from, you should think about the easiest and cheapest option – it may be cheaper to fly into Brazil first and then navigate from there, but that depends on your itinerary. Have a look at our essential guides for Argentina, Chile and Brazil for more. Expat Arrivals also provides useful guides for countries all around South and Latin America. 

These guides include important pages with things to think about, including Money and Banking – will you need to open a bank account or not – as well as exchanging currency. Are you looking for budget accommodation like hostels? Airbnb may give you a variety of options too. You can also find various property portals, so be sure to check out the Accommodation section on each guide too!

What sort of work are you looking into? Freelancing, odd jobs in each country or stable employment in one country to have as your base to travel from?

Keep us posted on how it goes!

Smarie on 4 Aug 2022 - 18:22

Hi!! South America is an amazing place to travel to! I myself have been to some places in Argentina. The biggest tip I can give you is get to know the culture to learn how to live as a local. Argentina's culture and traditions are very interesting and not like anything I've seen anywhere else. I recommend taking a tour or day trip to learn about them. Personally I've been on a day trip in Argentina Polo Day, an estancia in Buenos Aires where I discovered Polo, mate and asado!

There are plenty of groups and forums in Facebook and such of people planning to do similar trips. Definitely check those out to see what's best for you! For a low budget and more patience, I think train and bus transportation from province to province are the way to go (you may even meet someone interesting on the way there to practice your spanish!). I was surprised to discover myself that more argentine people speak english than I thought.

Oh and when looking for little jobs here and there to get by, argentine people call those "changas". Some even employ you in exchange for food and accomodation.

Good luck with everything!!!

Jamessmith0901 on 5 Oct 2023 - 11:04

Awesome choice! :)  Argentina, Chile, and Brazil, Honestly they're all amazing! In Argentina, you'll find a diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, and mouthwatering cuisine. You can check this out for a more in-depth experience. Chile is all about the stunning natural beauty and outdoor activities. You can visit And for Brazil, you'll get a taste of vibrant culture, breathtaking beaches, and incredible natural wonders!  Don't forget to connect with other travelers through social media groups and forums, and consider remote work or short-term employment options to make the most of your travels. Hope this helps and happy traveling! :)

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