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Posted by NAVSINGH
on 4 Aug 2016
Hi All, I am Moving to Montreal, Canada from Mumbai (for long term). I will be accompanied by my wife and my two kids (age 6 & 3). I am well off in Mumbai but would really like to explore new opportunities, places and experience higher standard of livings. I have certain doubts, if someone who is in Montreal/Toronto or moved there as expat can share his/her experiences and help me clear these doubts and take a thoughtful decision. 1. We all can communicate well in English but no clue of French. Is it ok as we will have the opportunity to learn there or we will face resistance and or problems? 2. Whether I will be able to admit my kids in English medium Private/Public schools? I read there are eligibility criteria's? And if yes, what are the average cost of 1 kid in Private English school? 3. I know there is no right or wrong answer to this question. But still how much should I earn to give a decent life to myself and my family (in-total 4)? 4. If I have the option of Toronto and Montreal, is Montreal a better choice? 5. How easy and difficult for my dependent wife to get a job there? She is IT Manager? Thank you in advance! TC Nav
Meagan on 5 Aug 2016
Hi there,

If living in Montreal, it would be ideal to know some French but not make or break. In most places as long as you put in effort to learn and try to communicate in the local language, people tend to appreciate that - and being surrounded by the language will certainly help you to learn quickly.

An international school would probably be the best option but they are usually very expensive. It's worth noting, though, that public schools in Montreal do provide support to non-French speakers, but it will probably still be a bit of a struggle. More info on the Expat Arrivals Schools and Education in Montreal page.

The school system in Toronto is a bit more advanced, and language barriers will be much less of a problem in general in Toronto. Again, more info can be found on the Schools and Education in Toronto page.

We also have Cost of Living in Montreal and Cost of Living in Toronto pages, which you can use to compare that aspect of life.

There's some information on the job market on our Working in Canada page. Both Toronto and Montreal also have "Working In" pages which you can navigate to using the bar on the left-hand side of the webpage.

Best of luck!

Anonymous (not verified) on 17 Aug 2016
Thank You Meagan

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