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Posted by ansh chaudhary
on 30 Nov 2016

Can anyone pls advice me on the below really i am very much worried ..
i am selected for a job offer at Nacala Port..Pls. see the offer & advice me what to do..???

With reference to your interview with us, we are pleased to appoint you in our organisation on the

following terms and conditions:-

1. Your official designation shall be Port Executive - Nacala port operations.

4. You will be paid monthly Salary of USD 650 and After completion of six months, subject to

your performance, you will be confirmed and salary will be revised to 750 USD.

5. You will be paid 6000 Metical for your pocket money and food expenses.

6. Normal official expenses will be taken care of by the company. Any major ailment or sickness due

to your previous medical history or due to alchoholic drinks, or other abnormal reasons will have

to be treated at your own cost.

7. A semi-furnished accomodation with basic facilities including water, and electricity would be

provided to you.

8. This appointment letter will be treated as a confirmed written contract with the company for a

continuous period of twenty four months (renewable), along with a 60 day paid leave , on

completion of 24 months of services.

9. Your appointment in the company will take effect from the date of your reporting for duty at our

Company in Nampula, Mozambique.

10. Your services liable to transferred to the company`s offices anywhere in Mozmbique state

without any extra remuneration.

11. Your appointment will be governed by the Mozambique`s labour laws for all practical purposes,

for those points not covered under this appointment letter.

12. You will be abide by the rules and regulations existing in the company and also which will be

framed from time to time in future.

13. You will keep strict confidence all the company matters that may come within your knowledge on

account of your association with us or with our sister concerns.

14. This appointment can be terminated by the company, by serving one month notice.

15. In case of resignation,you will have to give notice of 3 months or you will have to pay the

company 3 months salary in compensation plus the air ticket charges and visa charges spent on

your behalf.

16. Your place of posting will be initially Nacala,based on the requirements of the work as desired by

the management and you will be shifted to work in other place as and when demanded.

17. This offer is stands valid only on forwarding a scanned copy of your passport copy and your copy

of resignation and relieving order.

18. You should also confirm your joining the company here in Nampula on or before 25th December


19. You are advised to take a term insurance policy for yourself before coming to Mozambique; we

will reimburse you the term insurance policy premium up to Rs 7500/- p.a. on showing us the

policy document.

20. You are advised to take a medical test and confirm to us that you are not suffering from any

disease or diabetes, which could cause problems for you in Mozambique. This is advised in your

own interest as medical facilities are not like India in Mozambique

Plsssss can any one help me urgently....

Meagan on 30 Nov 2016 - 07:57
Hi Ansh, what part of the contract are you worried about specifically?
ansh chaudhary on 30 Nov 2016 - 08:47
i Have shared you each and every thing... I will be travelling to Nacala Port , Mozambique.. i will be getting a salary of 650 USD / Month & 6000 MT for local pocket & food expenses.. Is it okz..and how is Nacala & Nampula city for india.
ansh chaudhary on 30 Nov 2016 - 08:49
my salsy is very less & would it be enough for me to survive in 6000 MT in Nacala for fooding, internet & drinks.. what are the internet opetion over thier .. My company will not provide me food & internet..So pls advice me..
Meagan on 6 Dec 2016 - 07:33
Hi Ansh,

I'd recommend drawing up a rough budget of expense and then plugging in figures from the Mozambique pages of Numbeo and Expatistan, which are both cost of living websites. That can give you an idea of expenses and whether your salary will be enough. Also see our cost of living page at this link for some useful information.

I'm not sure about internet providers and the cost of internet in Mozambique, but if you Google something along the lines of "best internet providers in Mozambique" and having a look at what people recommend.

Have you organised accommodation yet? What areas are you looking at?


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