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on 29 Oct 2013
Net monthly salary (including all allowances) = 2500 USD / 28 Million IDR in Jakarata. As a single expat i will have to manage housing, food, travel, any recreation, salary of any domestic help, driver, car /taxi etc - all from within 2500 USD. No extra allownce etc. Salary will be paid in IDR. What kind of housing and quality of life, car etc can i afford in Jakarta.
Xavier on 31 Oct 2013 - 09:02

Living costs are relatively low there, I think you could get buy quite comfortably, but it also depends on what kind of lifestyle you're used to. As you may know, most people there earn about a tenth of that. 

But I am fairly sure that this will be an adequate salary if you're intention isn't to save huge amounts of money.

To get a better idea of numbers, have a look at our Cost of Living in Indonesia page.

Good luck!


kodi''er on 5 Nov 2013 - 12:04
With 28 Million Rupiah a month it will be enough for your cost living in Jakarta... My suggestion is better you buy 2nd motorcycle here for efficient money& time.
stefanusohne on 27 May 2017 - 11:14
Hi, 28 millions per month is enough depends on your lifestyle. is it include the accommodation? or you need to pay your own accommodation?

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