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Book review: The American Way of Life, The Foreigner's Perspective

Updated 10 Apr 2019

Claude%20Koehl%20The%20Foreigner's%20Perspective_0.pngAuthor Claude Koehl’s latest book, ‘The American Way of Life: The Foreigner’s Perspective’, is a must-read for any expat planning a move to the USA.

With more than two decades of expat experience behind her, Koehl uses humorous anecdotes of her first-hand experiences to provide readers with a unique take on life as a foreigner in America. Together with the book's informative illustrations, the author makes the most of her knowledge and expertise to explore the many eccentricities of expat life in a light-hearted and encouraging way. 

Any seasoned expat will be able to attest to the struggle of adapting to life in a foreign country. With extensive professional experience in the fields of Human Capital and Organizational Development, Koehl often draws from her own unique expat journey to approach the sensitive issues of culture shock and cultural bias. In ‘The American Way of Life: The Foreigner’s Perspective’, the author takes the time to acknowledge and understand even the most minor issues which foreigners in America may face, and offers new arrivals a reassuring guide to expat life in the country. 

Covering everything from coffee to tailgate parties, expats considering a move to the USA will find that ‘The American Way of Life: The Foreigner’s Perspective’ provides an incredibly useful overview of all the vital information they will need to successfully adapt to the intricacies of life in America. This book is not only an invaluable resource for any expat considering making the move to the USA, but will also be useful for American expats who wish to develop a deeper understanding of how their cultural background influences the way they are perceived by the world around them. Any American whose work requires a degree of cross-cultural communication and understanding, including relocation professionals and ESL teachers, will find this extensive guide to be a helpful and insightful resource.

At its core, ‘The American Way of Life: The Foreigner’s Perspective’ is Koehl’s unique take on how to bridge the gaps caused by cultural differences and unconscious bias. With its valuable tips and striking illustrations, ‘The American Way of Life: The Foreigner’s Perspective’ will be an ideal addition to any expat’s coffee table book collection.

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