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Five Money-Saving Tips for Making the Move to the UK

Updated 30 Jan 2020

Moving to the UK can be a fairly expensive experience, particularly if you’re moving to a major city such as London or Manchester.

However, there are several ways to keep the costs down, and whether you’re moving over to the UK from America, Europe or another part of the world, these money-saving tips are sure to keep your wallet happy and make the transition that much smoother.

Book flights as far in advance as possible  

As your moving day creeps closer, airlines will begin to hike the price of your plane ticket – meaning you could end up paying a considerable amount more than is necessary. Avoid paying through the nose for plane tickets by booking as far in advance as possible, or using a price comparison website to get the best deal available. If flying directly into the UK from your home country proves to be expensive, try flying to Paris and taking advantage of the Channel Tunnel. 

Take public transport

One of the greatest things about the UK is its accessible public transportation system. London’s famous tube lines transport millions of people from A to B every day, and are a much cheaper and less stressful option than driving when it comes to commuting around the capital. In general, public transport infrastructure throughout the UK is well-developed so in most cities, it should be entirely possible to get around on public transport alone.

Consider your housing options

Brits tend to spend much more of their income on housing than their European counterparts, averaging at 40%, compared to 28%, meaning there’s little room remaining for other bills, let alone socialising. If you’re renting, you might want to consider flat sharing, or borrowing money to help you move house if you’re keen to find your own space and settle into life in the UK as soon as possible. It’s well worth exploring your housing options long before you fly into the UK, as once you know what your rent or mortgage costs will look like, you can plan for all other outgoings accordingly. 

Find deals on food

Unlike their American counterparts, British supermarkets hate throwing away waste food, and will often devote sections of the store to produce that is just about to go out of date at massively reduced prices. This tends to happen later on at night, so if you time your shopping trips just right, you could save a huge amount of money on groceries – and some supermarkets will even offer you money back on your shop. Similarly, restaurants in the UK often make use of apps and websites that fill their empty tables by offering half price meals, or 2-for-1 deals on drinks – so it’s worth keeping a lookout for these.

Save on utility bills with comparison sites

While you’re in England, you’ll probably be bombarded with ads from sites that promise to save you hundreds of pounds a year on your bills. While it’s smart to question the ads, it’s also definitely worth having a look around and comparing your suppliers to their competition. New customers tend to get the best deals out of utility companies because once you choose your supplier, you’re unlikely to be wanting to switch too often, so shop around for offers!

Amanda Gillam Our Expat Expert

Amanda Gillam is a Content Writer for Solution Loans – a technology-led finance broker bringing a broad range of personal finance products to people across the UK.

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