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on 25 Sep 2018

Hoping to move to Toronto next year from UK but oldest son will be 17, halfway through A-Levels.  Has anyone done this, have any advice?  He is very keen on modern music and is an excellent guitar player.  Would love a high school that catered to his interest in this but worried this might all be too disruptive... Cheers for any input.

Meagan on 26 Sep 2018


Just to add to the links Tom provided, I thought I'd pitch in and provide some extra info.

To carry on with his A-Levels, your son would likely need to be enrolled in a private international school (as opposed to a public school). Though these schools are often expensive, being able to continue with a familiar curriculum will go a long way towards easing the transition, especially for a teenager. If you're moving to Toronto for work, you may wish to try and negotiate an education allowance into your relocation package to cover the cost of this.

From a quick Google search, it looks like there's unfortunately only one school offering the Cambridge curriculum: Fieldstone King's College School. Hopefully this is a good fit, otherwise I would recommend looking into schools offering other British curricula such as the National Curriculum for England, or otherwise the International Baccalaureate.

Hope this info helps! Let us know how everything turns out.

- Meagan

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