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Posted by Michreinecke
on 21 Feb 2019

My husband will be working in Toronto, near the Union Station but I really want to live somewhere quieter and more in the suburbs with my 3 kids. What are good options not too far out where the commute isn't too bad for him? 

Catherine on 22 Feb 2019

Hi Mich, if wanting to live further outside the city in more suburban areas, Burlington and Oakville are good areas to consider - they're very family oriented, with good schools and public transport links to the city. The Beaches is also a lovely family-friendly area. Unfortunately, there isn't really any escaping the horrid Toronto traffic, and if choosing to live further out from the city, your husband is likely going to have to contend with a long commute, whether it's driving or using public transport. Have a look at our Areas and Suburbs in Toronto page for some more insights on the city's residential neighbourhoods.

Michreinecke on 22 Feb 2019

Thanks so much Catherine. Yes we had thought Oakville may possibly be a good option, looks lovely. 

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