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Posted by bfamily
on 24 Jun 2018

We are considering moving to Toronto area in September 2018 from the USA. We are a family of 4 with a dog. Our kids are 10 and 7 years old. Husband was told the western suburbs are good but we would like other recommendations or more specific recommendations. Thanks so much!

Kyle de Villiers on 25 Jun 2018

Hi B,

Which areas will you/your husband be working in?

Like any big city, traffic can get quite congested in Toronto and it might be worth figuring out how long your commute might be from the area that you might want to live in.

This Expat Arrivals page on areas and suburbs in Toronto gives an overview of popular expat areas. 

I hope that this helps and good luck with the move!


bfloboys on 5 Jul 2018


I had a similar situation.  Family of 4, 2 dogs, my twin boys were 12 when we moved last year.  I have been living in Oakville for 16 months.  Excellent area, but very expensive.  A lot to consider.  Where will you or your husband be working; buy or rent; acceptable commute time, etc.  Most of the schools are good, but can give you more details if needed.


millerdorsa2001 on 31 Dec 2018

Hi!  My family is moving to Toronto from the US next month.  My husband’s office is in Waterford, so we’ve been looking at both Burlington and oakville.  After some research, I think we have decided on Oakville. We are looking at Southwest oakville, like Lakeshore Woods neighborhood.  Still exploring to find the right neighborhood.  We are trying to figure out schools for my 5 year old twins.  They will be starting kindergarten in the fall (in pre-K now).  Are there any good Private schools in the area?  We have looked at Fern Hill School, Burlington Christian Academy, and Oakville Christian school, but we don’t know which one is best.  We are only living in Canada for 3 years, so we need to make sure it’s a seamless transition when we move back to the US school system.

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