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on 2 Oct 2012

I was hoping some expats could help. I am thinking of moving to Miami in early 2013. I've visited Florida a number of times over the years and have a few friends in Miami. I love the weather and atmosphere there.

I'm just waiting to get confirmation from my company about getting a transfer to the USA. As I will need to negotiate a salary, I was wondering if anyone could give me and idea about the cost of accommodation in Miami. What are the other big expenses, I would need to budget for? I enjoy Miami's nightlife as well as taking time to enjoy the beach and natural surroundings. 

Also, I'd like to be close to work and the CBD as I am not keen to commute long distances because of my long working hours. Can anyone reccommend and good central area where I could rent a decent apartment or condo? Also, how necessary is it for me to have a car? Do most expats drive or is public transport fine for getting around on a day to basis ?

Lots of questions here and I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences of expat life in Miami.

Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Oct 2012 - 13:40
Hi Jonny,

Compared to other parts of the USA, you'll find the cost of living fairly cheap. That said, there are very few cheap options for accomodation. The average one-bedroom flat will set you back around USD 1600 per month. 

Having been to Miami before you'll know that while the entertainment and nightlife the city has to offer is superb, it doesn't come cheap. If you plan on going out a lot and eating out frequently the costs will add up. 

We've just updated our Expat Arrival's Cost of Living in Miami page. It will help you get an idea of what your daily expenses might be compared to at home.

In terms of where to live, there are lots of great suburbs close to the CBD but aparetments in the most sought after areas are often in high demand and there can be long waiting lists.  I would suggest looking at places in Brickell, it is a nice cosmopolitan suburb close to the CBD and is suitable for young professionals.

Have a look at this page on Areas and Suburbs in Miami to get a better idea of the different neighbourhoods and see which is best for you.

Good luck with the move to Miami. 
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Nov 2012 - 13:40
I think you can also look for apartments close in the Mid-town area. There are some nice new aprtment buildings, and you can find a nice apartment for a decint price. I leave in Miami for 17 years, and I think that you will need to own a car. The public transportation is bad. nighlife in Miami is great. You can go to South Beach, and everywere in Mid-Town areas. Good luck

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