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Posted by PrecillaB
on 24 Sep 2016
I am from the Netherlands and will be moving as an 'expat spouse' along with my husband to the UK (London) as per 1 January '17. I need to give up my job here in NL. An expert here in NL advised me to contact UK/HRM Revenue & Customs and refer to the Bergemann Arrest (EC Regulation) because it seems that as I'am traveling with my partner and need to give up my home job for it, it is posible to receive some kind of unemployement benefit in the UK. Did someone hear anything about the unemployement benefit before? During our stay in the UK i will try to find a job, but it probably will be difficult as a non native speaker and looking for a parttime job because we have a son of (now) 5 months old. Also I don't know if we can find proper daycare and what the cost for that will be. Hope that someone can inform me! Thanks!
Shantalie on 26 Sep 2016
Hi Precilla,

While you may have the right to reside in the UK as an EU expat claiming unemployment benefits won't be that straightforward. You'll need to the the 'habitual residence test' in order to qualify.

The test covers factors such as the duration of the migrant's stay; their activity, including their source of income if they are students; their family status; and their housing situation. The migrant has to demonstrate a sufficient degree of attachment to the host country. The amount of time already spent in the country is not sufficient qualification in itself.

It is worth doing more research but in the short-term make sure you have enough money to cover your cost of living. Read the Cost of Living in the UK page to learn more about how much you'll need to budget.



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