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on 17 Jun 2014

I will be moving to San Francisco on a fixed contract for two years. I know by reputation that the city is very hilly and walking long distances won't be fun for someone who isn't very active (like myself).

Is the public transportation system in San Francisco good enough for me not to have to get a car? I would prefer not to have to make such a large investment if I'm only going to be staying in the city for a short time.

Any insights would be appreciated.


Dave Chilton

Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Jun 2014 - 07:35
Hi David

Whether or not you will need to get a car in San Francisco will depend on factors such as where you live, the availability of public transport and how you intend on spending your time.

If you want to explore the wider area quite frequently, it might be worth your while to invest in a vehicle. At the same time, there are alternatives such as the city's CarShare scheme (which would require you to get a California driver's licence).

Have a look at our Getting Around in San Francisco page for an overview of what your options in the city will be. Also have a look at our Areas and Suburbs in San Francisco page, which gives some indication of the transit options you may have in different parts of the city.

Best of luck,

bala1010 on 19 Jul 2019 - 16:53


It really depends on where you work and what you like to do in your free time.  There are a good amount of car break-ins in the city not to mention the cost of buying a car + insurance definitely outweighs its benefits unless you're driving to LA every weekend.  I do like to use rideshare services but also carshare services!  It is a lot easier to just not worry about parking over time, and I think there a couple of insurance companies with non mobility insurance to be safe.  KYTE is a cool rental car app that I've been using lately, and I like it because I can rent a car but not have to worry about parking it at the end of the day (they deliver and pick up the car)!

Good luck! 

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