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Posted by mrdnz
on 7 Mar 2016
Hello I'm moving to Nairobi as a kept man and I have read horror stories about cars being expensive in Kenya is this still true and if so is it smarter/ cheaper to bring our car with us (import)? The other issue I have (as my girlfriend has a job there and we have no children) what do I do all day, everyday, I normally work as a map maker (GIS), but again everything I've read says its very difficult (almost impossible) to find work once in Kenya and then get a visa, as all the international companies and organisations recruit from outside Kenya. Any thoughts gratefully received Cheers Matt
Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Mar 2016 - 07:10
We can help you in processing a Work Permit if you get a Job. It is possible to get a job as an expatriate in Kenya if you have specialized skills. Send CV to for review and avice
Joseph Mathenge on 14 Mar 2016 - 07:24
Send CV for review and advice. Once you get a job we can help you get a class D Permit allowing you to work. +254721274981
Joseph Mathenge on 14 Mar 2016 - 07:27
You may not be allowed to bring yur Car without first getting a permit to Work or Invest in Kenya unless you pay duty

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