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Posted by si196426
on 17 Nov 2016

Hi Guys
In a few years time I'm looking to move to Sarawak with my wife who comes from that part of Malaysia.
I have read that they require you to have an income of 10000rm per month if you are over 50, ill be 57-58 by the time we move, as my wife is Malaysian do I still need to have this income as my Forces pension will not be that amount.
We are also planning on building a house on her family land, are there any pit falls I should look out for.

Many Thanks Simon.

Meagan on 17 Nov 2016 - 13:33
Hi Simon,

I assume you're referring to the My Second Home programme? According to the Wikipedia page, that seems to be the amount required, but I can't find confirmation of that on the official My Second Home website (click here to be taken to the site). I'd advise speaking to your local Malaysian consulate or embassy for clarification on the exact amount and possible visa alternatives.


redape on 23 Dec 2016 - 21:48
Simon~ You are in a bit of an interesting situation as your wife may already qualify as a Sarawak resident. Sarawak has it's own MM2H program and it's important to realize that they are different. This is because Sarawak has always held that its immigration rules are somewhat "independent". Even peninsular Malaysians must go through some special rules to work and reside in Sarawak. But having a Sarawakian wife can help a lot. And the application to the SARAWAK MM2H can be easier in terms of cost. Go to the sarawakdotgovdotmy website slashwebslahhomeslash article_view/221/279/ One important not apply to the other MM2H (for the Peninsula) if you intend to live in Sarawak. If you get the Sarawak 10 year visa you can live in Penang or KL, but NOT vice-versa. You need to also find out if your spouse counts as a resident and you can apply as a "single" applicant. For Sarawak the MM2H requirement for your pension/offshore income is RM7000 (@US$ 1575...but check your own exchange rates) NOT RM10,000. OR you can establish a "fixed deposit" in a Sarawak Malaysian bank of RM100,000 (@US$22,500). That's EITHER/OR in Sarawak. On the mainland they require both. If you have to apply as a couple it'll be RM10,000 OR RM150,000. You cannot work in Sarawak without getting special permission from the immigration department. I've met several expats and this seems to be something that is easily overcome if you are working "part-time" in a family run business (e.g. guesthouse) or as an English teacher...or in some field not taking a position away from a Sarawakian. Your land seems to fall under the bumiputra laws. That means it cannot be owned by anyone (or sold to anyone) but a BUMI (native of Sarawak).Your wife is bumiputra so would likely be the one to hold the land (and house) in her name. But it can only be passed on to bumiputra. There is currently a battle in Sarawak over whether land held by one ethnic group (e.g. Bidayuh) can be purchased by another (Iban, Melanie or local Malay) and whether these can make "contracts" with foreign firms for "development". That doesn't seem to affect your situation, yet.
redape on 6 Feb 2017 - 19:38
Actually you say your wife is Malaysian...but do not indicate if she is Sarawakian...I assume she is from Sarawak (you mention family land) she is considered "bumi" there. Other Malaysians require special dispensation to work in Sarawak. Here's the official SARAWAK MM2H site. www dot sarawak (dot)gov(dot) my/web/home/article_view/221/279/ You might consider the Long-Term Social Visit Visa.
si196426 on 24 Oct 2017 - 15:56
Hi Guys I've wrote on here once before asking what income I would need to live in Serian Sarawak. My new question is do I need a visa ? I got in contact with a local lawyer who said I can just keep going back to the immigration people every 90 days and get an extension. This doesn't seem right to me as I am moving with my wife who is from there, as we are building a home on the family land. Can anyone shine a light on this for me as I have searched the internet and cannot find what I'm looking for. Thanks Simon

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