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Posted by Shruti Das
on 26 Nov 2016
We are Indian willing to relocate to Netherlands.My husband has got a job offer in Den Bosch,Netherlands. But we are worried about schooling of our daughters who are 8 years and 4 years. As per our findings the nearest international school is in Eindhoven. Can someone please advise if it is possible for the school kids to travel to Eindhoven from Den Bosch on a daily basis? Also, as per our search the school probably does not have any school bus. Will it still be doable for kids to travel to school far away on public transport?
Can there be any alternative of staying in the mid way so that it becomes easier for kids to travel?
I am asking so that anyone living in that area can provide possible solutions or suggestions.
Thanks in advance for your information.
Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Nov 2016 - 11:38
Hi, I live in the Netherlands, although in a different area. The train between Den Bosch and Eindhoven takes about 20 minutes. The public transport bus in Eindhoven takes another 20. In total, the daily commute will take about an hour, including changes form train to bus, and a short walk to the school. You might want to consider living in Eindhoven, with your husband commuting to Den Bosch, either by public transport or by car. It’s just 35 kilometres, traffic can be busy during rush hours. Eindhoven is much more internationally orientated as Den Bosch, and is home to a number of large international companies: ASML, Philips Electronics, DAF trucks, VDL, hence the presence of an international school. Furthermore, it’s home to the University, the High-Tech campus and the international school of Design.

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