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Posted by khorner96
on 26 Jul 2017
Hi my name is Kellan. Next spring I graduate from Kansas State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for someone seeking employment in England. I studied abroad my sophomore year at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield and wish I had never come back. I studied in Hatfield for just under 6 months so I did not have to get a student visa. I have heard from talking to people who've made the move that my best options are to either pursue a masters degree in England or land a job with a firm with offices in England and transfer within the company. I have been actively researching companies with offices in both countries and I'm open to doing a masters in England but I don't think I can afford it. As an engineer I have experience working in the MEP field, but would be interested in any ME job in England. I would prefer London because of familiarity (also massive Spurs fan, COYS), but as I know this isn't exactly an easy process and that options are limited I would be open to anywhere in the UK. Any advice is appreciated as well as any potential contacts, all I want to do is move back to England. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
EmmaL on 3 Aug 2017 - 13:46
Hi Kellan

Your best bet in finding a job in England as a mechanical engineer is to have a look through online job portals. Are you willing to accept a job doing something else? Your first step will have to be finding work, as these days you can only get a working visa through your employer. 

Yes, doing your masters degree will definitely open some doors in the future, but if it's not financially viable and you want to move to England as soon as you can, you might want to look at doing something else for a while. Finding a job to support you while you study towards your masters could also be an option. 

I would definitely try online job portals first, sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Good luck!
Aileen on 18 Jun 2018 - 23:09

Hi Kellan,

Emma summed it all regarding how to find work in the UK or another path is to study towards Masteral Degree as I know some people who had taken their Masteral Degree and gained the status as students. In the future, once you ready to move to the UK, I could be of help to find you a convenient and affordable accomodation.



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